Room 113 News

Mrs. Horn's 2nd Grade

Time is Flying!!

Warm weather is here, and the weeks are flying by. It will be the end of the school year before you know it! Your kiddos have grown by leaps and bounds this year, and you should be very proud of each and every one of them. I know I am!

The next few weeks are packed with fun adventures and learning experiences. Be sure to mark your calendars with these upcoming events:

  • May 4th-8th: Teacher Appreciation Week
  • May 11th: Mountain Lion March
  • May 12th: Beach Day!
  • May 14th: Middlesex Art & Music Festival (5-8 p.m.)
  • May 18th: Field Trip to Hershey Butterfly House
  • May 20th: Field Day
  • May 25: Memorial Day (No School)
  • June 5th: Last Day of School- Noon Dismissal

Writer's Workshop

We will continue to write Narratives during the month of May. We have really enjoyed getting the chance to use some creativity to write stories about a student invented character. We will also write personal narratives about a special event that has happened in your children's lives.

In addition to practicing using the writing process and finding our inner writer's voice, your kiddos have also gone back to basics with practicing their writing conventions. I am still finding mixed up lower case b's and d's, lowercase i's in the word "I", forgetting to capitalize the first letter in a sentence, and forgetting punctuation marks at the end of sentences. Please help model and encourage these important conventions at home as well!

Your children's writing has improved by leaps and bounds this year. I am excited to send home their writing pieces for you to read at the end of the year. Don't forget to help support your child by asking them to continue to write during the summer!


Our final ELA unit focuses on both realistic fiction and fables. We will continue to practice identifying the lesson or moral of story, asking and answering who, what, when, where, why questions, and using context clues to find the meaning of unknown words.

We have read aloud several fantastic books this year, and our last read aloud books is one of my all time favorites: Charlotte's Web. As we near the end of the book this month, we will celebrate by having a Charlotte's Web Day, and all of our learning that day will be centered around the novel. I can't wait!!


The last math unit will introduce the concepts of fractions. We will also explore number lines, and revisit measurement skills. We will continue to emphasize the importance of automaticity of basic addition and subtraction facts, and there will of course be lots of word problems! I am very impressed with the growth of your kiddo's ability to approach the many word problems head on, and solve these challenging problems with ease!

Please remember to help your child get ahead of the game this summer by practicing basic math facts with them!


Our Balance & Motion unit will continue into May. We have already learned about force, types of motion, and stable and unstable systems through exciting hands on experiments. We will also explore how motion creates sound through vibration, and the many mysteries of magnetism!