Monkey Jacks

Lauren, Nyza, Umut, Brennen

Our product is Monkey Jacks

Our fun and kid friendly cereal is Monkey Jacks. When you pour this cereal, you find yourself with a bowl of monkey shaped cereal and banana shaped marshmallows. Monkey Jacks are a fun, tasty and sweet way to enjoy breakfast. Our cereal quality made.
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We came up with the name Monkey Jacks be cause it sounds appealing to small children. The monkey is a happy active figure encouraging for kids to play.

Target Market

Our target market is small age children (4-10), High income/ Middle class. Our product will be in the English language and sold in U.S.A. We decided on a small children target market because when children see the monkey on the cereal and say "Mom I want the monkey cereal!" The mothers will know exactly what they are talking about.


Our price is $3.50 it is slightly lower than other cereals making it more appealing to mothers who don't want to spend four dollars for cereal. It also grabs the attention of the mothers to buy this cereal.


We are going to distribute the product through Kroger and family oriented stores. These stores have the highest amount of consumers in and out to be able to see and buy our product. Once at the stores we will have the product placed on the second lowest row of the shelves for the kids to immediately see.


Our packaging is very appealing to small children with the friendly monkey in the front. It also has a fresh and popping out feel to the box making it all the more favorable. The box also has the ingredients and the nutrition facts posted on the back.

Promotional Plan

On the first few days of this product release we will have plenty of commercials on kids network after shows like sponge bob. we also plan to have a nice end-cap display of our cereal in the cereal aisle. We also plan on hiring workers to stand outside at the entrance of highly populated stores in Monkey Jacks suits to hand out coupons for our product.