Bracelet instrutions at my place!

With Lily

Live, learn play

I will help you if you are very good or very bad, there is allways something to learn. We will learn bracelets anywhere from the single chain bracelet to the extra-large basket weave. But because no body knows everything I will be using just a tad-bit of help from the good old world wide internet. We will work on our looms for 2 hours, and we will play for 1 hour you can stay later if it works out for us all. If we organize it with a bit of notice we might even be able to have a sleep over

How to notify me

You can R.S.V.V. by emailing me at these email address:


Guaranteed to be the most fun and super crazy get-together ever

Check out my website:

It's raining looms!

Saturday, March 8th, 11am-1pm

625 Saratoga St

Green Bay, WI

You will be a pro by the end of our six week classes!
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Don't forget your kit and all your rubber bands!