Team Patton August Newsletter

for JULY sales


Hi Everyone! I Hope you like our new short and simplified Team Newsletter. Please share it with your teams and DIWS-designers in waiting.

Congratulations to all the new designers that just came on board. Please reach out to your mentors and upline as you begin this wonderful journey with Origami Owl. You are going to love it!!

Congratulations to Tonia Troy for winning the Spa Day Gift Certificate from me last month!

Be sure to add your DIWS and active designers to our facebook groups..Have a great month!

Cheryl Patton

Senior Team Leader


August Incentive

Everyone that places an order of $99 PV or more this month will automatically be entered to win a basket of goodies from me that I brought home from National Conference...

Happy Selling

Top Ten in Sales

Cindy Hankins $1762.95

Tonia Troy $1333.66

Reagan Lane $1098.30

Courtney Wells $991.71

Shaunda Youngblood $800.00

Lindsey Lively $652.80

Kathryn Perkins $631.64

Kelley Talley $588.10

Debbie Newman $581.90

Megan Phillips $555.90

New Designers

Wendy Udink- Mentor is Randi Ross

Diane Pruett- Mentor is Holly Cassar

Hershey Glenn- Mentor is Cheryl Patton

Harmony Birdson- Mentor is Channing Lynch

Megan Hastings- Mentor is Susan Hayes

Debbie Haggard- Mentor is Kelley Talley

Carolyn Roberson- Mentor is Cindy Hankins

Rachel Griffin- Mentor is Alisha Carden

Tiffany Graham- Mentor is Mandy Bolich

Team Sales

Team Hankins $7839.05

Team Johnson $2831.31

Team Collier $2654.24

Team Ochoa $2420.24

Team Lynch $1410.90

Our Mission at Origami Owl

"Our mission is to be a force for good; to love, inspire, and

motivate women of all ages to reach their dreams and

empower them to make a difference in the lives of