Coaching Corner

May 16, 2016

Our mission at Carroll is to inspire and empower learners.

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Guided Reading Books and Professional Resources

Guided Reading Books should be returned to the APPROPRIATE baskets by Friday, May 20th. Please do NOT put them in my box, on my desk, or set out in the Guided Reading Library. Take the time to find their appropriate location at Remember that we do NOT have volunteers that will put the books back for us, so if you do not do it, then I have to (and that will make me sad :(.) You don't want to make me sad, do you? :)

If you are using books from the Guided Reading Library for book clubs, then you can still keep those out. Just make sure you check them out.

Professional Resources need to be returned to me by May 20th unless you need these for instruction. If so, please come see me to work out a return date.

Summer Reading

In order to prepare for the next school year, we will have some summer reading homework!

For self-contained teachers and ELAR only teachers:

You will be reading the first unit of your Lucy grade level Writing kit, with the exception of 2nd grade and 4th grade. 2nd grade will read the 1st grade Unit called "Small Moments" , and 4th grade will read the 3rd grade Unit book "Crafting True Stories" (these will be provided for you).

Your assignment is to take notes on each session:

· Read the minilessons in parts.

· Take the “Connection,” and distill the main point.

Ask yourself: “What am I doing here?”

· Then do the same for the “Teach,” the “Active Engagement” and the “Link.”

See the Example below.

- Also, using the TEKS list provided, you will jot down the TEKS covered in each session in your books.

You can highlight, underline and take notes in your book. This is going to take a LOT off your plate in the fall because your writing planning will essentially be done! We will be working with Audrey Bragg in August, so it is imperative that this is completed before then!

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For departmentalized math teachers: We haven't forgotten about you! We will be doing a book study this summer on Mathematical Mindsets.
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Learning New Things

Teachers and administrators can now learn more about the TExas Achievement Items Repository (tTxAIR) system with the TxAIR video tutorials, now available on the TExas Gateway. The Tx AIR system allows teachers to sign-up to access the TEKS-aligned assessments for math and science (grades 3-8). You can set up an account (it's free) and start accessing some tutoring materials and assessment bank items.
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