A Grateful Heart

As the temperature gets a little cooler, we begin to feel like Fall is really here. This week it will become even more real. I am seeing lots of turkeys made out of handprints. Kindergarteners have menus in their kitchen centers that highlight our favorite Thanksgiving foods. PreK and Kindergarten students will have their Thanksgiving feast (figuratively speaking) with class made costumes. The pumpkins the little ones brought from the pumpkin patch are now entering a second life in the compose pile. So many learning opportunities and excitement bless us. We are also blessed by memories of Thanksgiving as we grew up. Thanksgiving season is a perfect time to create special memories for your children that will be with them as they grow up and maybe even traditions they will bring to their future families. As you gather for meals over these special holidays there is one family tradition I would offer to you. Keep a basket on your table and have children and yourself put what you are thankful for, the many blessings of your family written on paper strips and placed in the basket. Then on Thanksgiving have each child read one. Gratitude is a powerful gift. A grateful heart sees the world as a gift, people as a blessing, and life as a great gift of grace. Children can teach us so much about faith and believing. Thank you for sharing your most precious gift with us. May God bless your family with deeper faith, enduring love, and lasting HOPE.

Donna Lemaire


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