Jean Piagent

Birth and Death

Born: August 9, 1896 in Switzerland

Died: September 16, 1980 he was 84 years old and died of unknown causes.

Education, Family, Fun Facts, and Contribution to Psychology

Education and Family

  • Jean went to the University of Neuchatel (1918) University of Zurich
  • Studied natural sciences and got a Ph.D in Zoology.
  • Married Valentine in 1923.
  • Had 3 kids Jacqueline, Laurent, Lucienne.

Fun Facts

  • When he was a teenager he had papers that were widely published.
  • Went to high school at age 11.

Contribution to Psychology

  • Piaget is known for his studies of children's thought processes. Cognitive Theory. Developmental Psychology- He focused on how children develop their thinking abilities.
  • Students of a certain age constantly made mistakes that older children did not make.
  • He published 60+ books that mostly were about how thinking develops in children.