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Issue 23 - 27th February 2020

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Firstly, welcome back. It has been wonderful seeing the children return to normality this week, all very excited and engaged in learning! As you will have seen through our official TES Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/taipeieuropeanschool/), we have been actively engaged in ensuring that all students are safe, not just with the procedures that we have put in place, but through the continual drip feed learning with regards to hygiene.

I would also like to take this opportunity in thanking all parents for your patience during the morning drop-off and pick-up. We want to maintain the highest standards possible, and need to ensure that all who access the site during this time go through our rigorous checks and procedures. We are continuing to refine this process, which will further ensure efficiency.

Below, you will see a list of important changes to our schedule. Please read this carefully, and again we would like to thank you in advance for your understanding. These changes are designed to maximise learning as well as safeguard students, which is of the highest priority.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we have made some changes to our trips and events calendar.

There are several reasons for these changes:

  • In view of the extended closure, we need to make sure that disruption to regular timetabled lessons is kept to an absolute minimum.
  • We have made programming changes where it is advantageous to ensure that learning is consolidated following this extended closed period.
  • We need to reduce the footfall on our campuses as a precautionary measure

I would like to thank you in advance for supporting these measures.

However, depending on how the COVID-19 situation unfolds, it may be necessary to make further changes.

Schedule Changes

  • Parent Teacher Conferences have been cancelled, meaning that Monday 30th March is now a normal teaching day, and not closed for the British Primary Section. (3月30日星期一改為正常上課,原訂家長面談日取消)

  • Wednesday 1st April was a planned training day for teachers which is now cancelled, school is open as usual for children. (4月1日星期三改為正常上課, 原訂教職員訓練日取消)

  • Early Years and KS1 Sports Day - This is currently taking place on Thursday 26th March. Parents will be invited to watch unless we're told this isn't possible due to the current situation. We will keep you informed. (幼稚園和一、二年級運動會目前訂於於3月26日星期四,迎家長來校為孩子加油!視疫情的變化,不論運動會照常舉行或取消,我們會持續發布消息)

  • KS2 (Y3-6) Sports Day at Taipei Arena: This has unfortunately been cancelled. We will be looking at running a version at the EPC, which will be confirmed in due course. Parents will be invited to watch unless we're told this isn't possible due to the current situation.

  • EPC tri section concert on the 20th March at the Traditional Theatre Center has been cancelled. We hope to host an EPC music event on site at the end of the year. (

  • 3月20目於傳統戲劇中心舉辦的小學部音樂會已被取消校方目前考慮於校內舉辦)

  • Class trips are currently being monitored. We will continue to keep all parents informed. (各年級的校外教學,我們仍持續觀察是否舉辦.。我們會與各家長保持聯絡。)

Finally, I would like to wish you an enjoyable extended weekend, and look forward to welcoming you back on Monday.

Best wishes,

Luke Chaeter

TES Academic Calendar 2019-2020

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Parent Workshops Schedule - Term 2

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Important Reminder by Mr Luke Chaeter

Jewellery, Watches and Make-up

Children in the British Primary Section are not allowed to wear any make-up or jewellery to school for health and safety reasons. Small studs are allowed as long as they are worn flat against the ear. However, children are encouraged to wear a watch. An analogue watch with hands is preferable to a digital watch, to enable the children to practise telling the time, but either is acceptable.

For long hair, in the interests of health and safety, please can you ensure that long hair is tied back, particularly when children have PE.

Library Book Returns

The library team will be outside school from 7.30 - 8.15am Monday to Friday next week to collect returns and help parents to check their accounts. Parents should return books to us there in the morning or in the drop box, but NOT the library. Until further notice the library is closed to parents.

We will be temporarily increasing the loan limits of infant students so that they can take home extra books.

French Section PS/MS/GS - 2 books per week

British Section Nursery/Reception/Year1 - 2 books per week

German Section Kindergarten/Flex - 2 books per week

Year 2 - 4 books per week

Loan limits for students in Junior classes will stay the same.

If you have any questions, please contact the library team on library@tes.tp.edu.tw

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