Teaching in the 21st Century

Learning Approaches for Teachers

As an educator, I think it's very important for center managers, directors, and principals to keep their teaching staff informed of new laws that as been passed by Congress concerning the education of children in the United States. Some educators are still using old school methods that are failing our children and stopping their growth altogether, therefore, to make sure no teachers are left behind more workshops, meeting, and classes should be held throughout the school year.


Should teacher across the country use certain practice? If so, what would those be?

I think all teachers should use the same practice to ensure they are following the protocol according to their state and other organizations like Bright from the Start guidelines. The answer for this question can be both yes/no, because every state/country have different laws that govern their people and no two schools are the same. Beside some teachers have different learning and teaching styles/strategies. However, certain practice that teachers across the country possess are professionalism at all times, well groomed, and correct grammar when speaking.

Should there be a consistent standard for all teachers to meet? If so, what standard?

In my opinion yes, I think some of the consistent standards should be 1) they must have a compassion for children, 2) have a lot of patience, 3) have years of experience working with children, 4) have credentials to teach, and 5) Teachers should be equipped and prepared to transform children minds the first day they walk into the classroom.
Why I Flipped My Classroom

My thoughts on how well teachers are being prepared to master the ISTE standards.

As an educator, I think a lot of us is prepared to master the ISTE standards in our classroom since the standard was raised requiring all teachers to have degrees in order to teach in the classroom throughout the United States. In order for us not to be left behind we must be willing to follow the state guidelines, willing to provide a quality education for our children, which include creating a rich learning environment that will captive and enhance their minds.