Renaissance Theatre

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Some major events(Not including theatre)

  • Joan of arc and the siege of orleans 1 Jan 1428

  • Columbus discovers America 1 Jan 1492

  • Raphael paints “The School Of Athens” 1 Jan 1511

  • The scientific revolution 1 Jan 1543

Famous People

Famous Places

What was the plays like

  • Theater became more public controlled

  • Neoclassicism (Based upon the recreation of the past)

  • The focus on words and scenarios of the Elizabethan and Spaniards.

Theatre Technology

  • Oil lamps and chandeliers- were used to light the stage.

  • The Renaissance would simulate wind blowing,thunder rumbling.

  • Deus ex machina or "god in the machine

Who came to the theatre(where they are performed and why they would go)

The theatre was entertainment for them so it depends on what you could a ford like public theatres were cheaper than the private theatres but public theatres were outside and private theatres were inside halls.

Types of plays

They showed

  • Tragedies
  • Comedy
  • Pastoral a love story)


Johann Gutenberg- invented the printing press

Michelangelo- painted the Sistine chapel

Leonardo Da Vinci- painted "The Last Supper"