Stremelstein's Classroom News

Mrs. Himelstein & Ms. Stremel- First Grade Room 202

February 16, 2016

Dates to Calendar

2/19 Flag Salute: Soaring Eagle Awards, AR Awards, P.E Awards

2/25 Family Math Night of the Century

2/26 Student of the Month-Respect

2/27 Father Daughter Dance

3/7-3/11 Book Fair


  • Describe the connection between two individuals, events, ideas or pieces of information in a text.
  • Identify basic similarities and differences between two texts on the same topic (e.g. in illustrations, descriptions, or procedures).

Phonics Skills:

  • Irregular vowel combinations: short oo (ex: book) & long oo (ex: moon)

Word Families:

  • _short oo
  • _long oo

Spelling Words of the Week: Word Wall Words, Word family Words and Challenge Words

Word Wall Words: after, five, old, their, who

Word Family Words: book, cook, good, look, shook, took, loon, moon, noon, soon, spoon, tooth

Challenge Words: cookbook, notebook balloon, cartoon, toothbrush

Academic Vocabulary:

Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, president, White House, symbol

Math-Place Value

Place Value: We will continue to compare numbers using the symbols of greater than(>), less than (<), or equal to (=).

Writing- Narrative

  • Write narratives in which students recount two or more appropriately sequenced events, include some details regarding what happened, use transition words to signal event order and provide some sense of closure.

Science & Social Studies

Science: Plants

Social Studies: American Symbols & Traditions- There are many symbols, icons, and traditions of the United States that provide continuity and a sense of community across time.

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