Rockin' in First Grade

First Grade Team

How Things Work In First Grade

First Grade Schedule

9:30-9:45 Social Skills morning meetup

9:45-10:23 Phonics

10:25-11:15 Resource

11:15-12:20 Math

12:20-12:50 Lunch (NO outside food delivered at any time) School lunch or lunch box only

12:50-1:10 Recess

1:10-2:40 Reading

2:40-3:00 Writing

3:00-3:30 Science/SS

3:30-4:00 MTSS/SEL

4:00 Dismissal You need the PikMyKid app and register the way they go home

Helpful Hints to start the year off right!

*get plenty of rest

*eat a healthy breakfast

*wear nametags/transportation tags every morning

*double knot tennis shoes

*wear a mask

*For your child's safety on the playground during recess, and in PE, we suggest that your child wear sneakers daily! (velcro unless they are master shoe tie experts!!)

Curriculum Corner

Phonics: In addition to cvc and cvce words, students will be able to read words with:

*blends(ex: bl, cr, cl, tr, sl, st)

*diagraphs (ch, ph, sh, wh)

* vowel teams (ai, oa, ea ,ee)

* r-controlled (or, er, ur, ir)

High Frequency Words: Words we see in print, but do not always follow phonics "rules". Students will be able to read all first grade high frequency words with fluency.

Fluency and Stamina: Reading with ease and without stopping.

*Have your child read a book they love. Time how long they can sit in one spot and read.

*Add on a minute each day. Soon, they will be reading fluently and becoming stronger readers.

* When they are done, ask your child about their favorite part of the book. Ask your child what they think will happen next.

Writing: Students will be able to write 3-5 sentences about a given topic. Students will be able to add adjectives to their writing and draw pictures to match their words. Students will be able to write to describe and draw pictures to match their words. Students will be able to write to describe and state their opinion. Students will be able to write in sequence, the order of an event.


In First Grade students will be able to:

*add and subtract single digit numbers from 0-10 with fluency (quickly without counting on their fingers)

*add and subtract numbers with answers up to 20. Ex. 9+10, 8+7, 12+3

*understand and identify place value to at least 120 (1 hundred, 2 tens, 0 ones)

PBIS Expectations



*Ready to Learn


Class Rules

Follow Directions

Stay on Task

Keep Hands, Feet, and Objects to Self

Homework Expectations

First Nine Weeks:

Math: IReady for 30 minutes a week

Reading: IReady for 30 minutes a week

45 minutes would be ideal!!

Read the District/Journey Sight Word list and practice.

Math practice workbooks will be sent home to use at home. Your child will follow along with the lessons we cover at school.

No homework will be brought back to school. Check over your child's work and keep it at home. Including the math workbook.