Roller Coasters (1950's)

By Justin Pedersen

The great depression

There were not many roller coasters in the 1950's due to the great depression. Many amusement park companies and roller coaster companies went bankrupt. People did not have the money to afford them and when people aren't paying to ride then the roller coasters cant afford to keep running.

Roller Coasters

Even though the great depression was happening there were still roller coasters in business. One of these coasters were Montana Rusa at Chapultepec Park in Mexico city. It had two names Montana Rusa (1964-1992) and Serpiente De Fuego (1993-?). It costed $600,000 to build, and its length is 4,000 ft.

Jantzen Beach Amusement park

Located in Portland, Oregon This amusement park had one roller coaster and admission was 10 cents. The roller coaster was the big dipper, it was the biggest roller coaster in the west coast. The roller coaster was designed by Carl Phare.