Welcome to the Cayman Islands!

Sit back and relax! Take a walk or go from a swim!

Discover the beauty of the Cayman Islands!

Friday, April 4th, 10am

Cayman Islands, North America

1:00-1:55 Take a stroll along a soft sand beach, while embracing your surrounding.

1:55-3:00 Jump on a boat and sail along the Caribbean.

3:00-4:25 Dive in and swim with stingrays and dolphins.

4:25-5:30 Scuba dive into the water and discover underwater statues.

Dive in and take a refreshing swim!

Snorkel beside stingrays in the Cayman Islands' crystal, clear ocean. Let the sun soak in and enjoy a wonderful beach day.

Discover underwater statues!

Jump into the ocean and swim beside beautiful statues. A once in a lifetime experience awaits!

Visit the Cayman Islands Pirates Week!

This annual festival includes games, music, dancing, various costumes, food and drinks. The fun doesn't end for 10 days filled with parades, fireworks, and sporting events. Join us here in George Town to celebrate!

Cayman Islands Batabano Carnival

This annual event is usually held after Ash Wednesday. The Masquerade is the main tourist activity. Creativity, talent, and imagination can be expressed throughout this carnival. Many different costumes are worn and floats are built.