ku klux klan

how it started

The ku klux klan was formed by a group of white southerners who were angry when the war ended because slavery ended. Having no slaves would change their lives forever. The group terrorized black slaves by hanging them and their families.


The Ku Klux Klan or KKK terrorized black slaves because when the north won the war slavery was abolished and slavery ended. southerners hated black people because they ran away and help fought in the war for the north. The southerners even terrorized a white person that helped the black slaves vote.

dying out

As the years went by the klan got weaker and weaker and the blacks got stronger and stronger. by about 1940 the klan started to die out because of the consequences by the police. The klan thought getting a new leader could rise them back up but it didn't Their leader later died in 1949. Today the klan is still together but not as close as what they were. Many klan members dont do what they did in the 1940's because of the consequences they would earn.