Teen Pregnancy

Your Child is At Risk

What's Wrong????

The states with the highest teen pregnancy rate also are more "abstinence only" sex education based. Leaving the students uneducated about the other options and other risks. New Hampshire has the lowest teen pregnancy rate and has the most factual based sex education and prevention. Mississippi has the highest teen pregnancy rate and leaves their students in the dark about sex education.
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Among teens aged 18–19, 41% report that they know little or nothing about condoms and 75% say they know little or nothing about the contraceptive pill.[14]

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"Teachers apparently feel abstinence-only courses are not getting the message across, the study reveals. The vast majority of the teachers surveyed think students need to learn more, and at a younger age, about sexually transmitted diseases, correct condom use and how to resist peer pressure, as well as abstinence." (livni)
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"Over the past five years, several major studies have found that abstinence-only education has no effect in stopping or delaying sex. According to Emerging Answers 2007,"

Demand Education Based Sex Programs- Before It's Too Late