S.T.E.M. Class

By:Kyle Studdard

Building the bridge

One of our first projects was to build a bridge out of popsicle sticks,string, and tape.The trick was that we could only use the tape to tape the string to the side of our bucket.Our first design was flawed.We tried to make a bridge straight across.Finally,we had to make a weave bridge,it worked.If i could go back and change anything i would have did the weave design first.Our team was Mauldin,Dj,Hunter,and me.

The tennis ball challenge

In the tennis ball challenge we had to create a tower that could hold a tennis ball.we only had 5 straws,10 mini popsicle sticks,4 big popsicle sticks,and tape.It was hard.our design was to make a square out of the straws then attach the sticks to it. If i could go back and change anything i would have made it look nicer.my group was me,mauldin,and paige

project pics


civil engineer

a civil engineer designs roads,bridges ,dams,or similar structures.they build.they collaborate with they work with construction crew.their annual salary is $61,500.they6 have to have a bachelor degree in science.

working in a group helped my learning because coming up with different ideas from other people helped me.my most valuable learning experience was the cardboard chair.we learned how to work together for the good of our team.

stem class

in stem class we do challenges that help us learn and think outside the box about some things.we get different ideas from our group members.it helped us learn how to work with different people.