San Diego Zoo

We went on a virtual trip to the San Diego Zoo. We got to watch live animal cams. My favirote one was the elephant. We didn't really go there. It would have took 33 hours and 17 minutes!!!
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Adula is the mother of the first calf at the San Diego Zoo. At night they do a 24 hour watch on the calf and the Mom in a holding yard near the barn so they can get heat and make sure that te calf is nursing.The Aferican Elephants have to contain 1 adult bull, 6 adult females, and calfs ranging from 6 years old next week down to 1 year old.The Zoo has 2 female calfs and 4 female calfs. 1 herd was rescued from a coal in 2003.After now they have 6 baby calfs running around the zoo not including all of ythe other calfs.