Andrea Segovia

Five famous Things Hipparchus Did or Ideas He Had

1.Hipparchus assumed a spherical, stationary Earth at the center of the universe (the geocentric Cosmology).

2. Hipparchus was the founder of trigonometry.

3.He is most famous for incidental Discovery Of precession of the equinoxes

4.Hipparchus assumed that the difference could be attributed entirely to the Moon’s observable Parallax against the stars, which amounts to supposing that the Sun, like the stars, is indefinitely far away

5.Hipparchus created a Star catalog that assigned names to each star along with his measurements of their positions.


Hipparchus was born 190 B.C. in Izink, Turkey and died in 120 B.C. in Rhodes,Greece. He is known to have been a working astronomer at least from 162 to 127 B.C. Hipparchus is considered as the greatest ancient astronomical observer. Hipparchus was a Greek astronomer, Geographer, and mathematician.