Info on the common Flu

Cause of the disease And the treatment

Virus types A,B,C are the prime causes of the Influenza(Flu) in humans.The scientific or Latin name is Orthomyxoviridea.Antiviral drugs and vaccination are the most effective and efficient was to destroy the influenza virus

Disease Transmission and Prevention

Most scientists believe the virus is spread by touching,coming in contact with,or inhaling an(a)infected person,s mucus or Spit.By getting the vaccination before the flu season starts then frequently wash your hands during the season to get of the possible virus recidding on your hand

A good cite for info is Quote:Get your flu shot EVERY SINGLE YEAR as early in the season as you can

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Symptoms include the following and cool facts

Fever,cough,sore throat,runny/stuffy nose,headaches,& fatigue are primary symptoms of the flu/Malaria.

-Trevor Howard died of Influenza

-Herodutus discoverdInfluenza

-Influenza was coined from the Italian word of influence

-1918-1919 20-40% of the world became ill


These are basic facts and know-how about the Influenza or the flu.My video is here(please copy and paste):