Kindergarten News

Week of October 5 - 9


  • Please continue to practice tying shoes and memorizing lunch number at home.
  • Don't forget to fill out your BookIt calendar each night as you and your child read so your child will receive a certificate for a free Pizza Hut pizza at the end of the month!
  • Remember to return homework notebooks each Friday.

Upcoming Events

  • October 6th - School Board Meeting
  • October 7th - Coffee with the Principal
  • October 15th - Carter Mountain Orchard Field Trip
  • October 19th-23rd - Fall Book Fair
  • October 22nd, 5pm - PTA Meeting
  • October 23rd - Grandparents' Day
  • October 30th - Dress Like Your Favorite Storybook Character Day

This Week's Learning Goals

I can...

  • listen to a story read aloud. (English SOLs: K.1a, K.2a, K.3d, K.8b)
  • connect a story to my life. (English SOL: K.9b)
  • write my first name. (Writing SOL: K.11b)
  • draw a picture. (Writing SOL: K.12a,b)
  • classify objects as living or nonliving. (Science SOL: K.6a)
  • identify the characteristics of living organisms. (Science SOL: K.6b)

**Math this week will consist of reviewing and extending our knowledge of sorting objects by their characteristics and describing sets of objects as have more, fewer, or the same number of items.