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Week of August 24th

Welcome Back!

Oh the places you'll learn! Near or far, wherever you are, we're learning together. The FLA Counseling Department looks forward to offering SEL lessons, small group, and individual counseling to all students this year--virtually!

See what we have in store, below!

FLA Counseling Department 2020-2021

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Social-Emotional Learning

Elementary SEL Lessons- Kindergarten

Topic: Respect

*Zoom invitations will be sent via Jupiter next Monday*

Monday, August 24th - Mrs. Smoak

Tuesday, August 25th - Ms. Wood

Thursday, August 27th - Mrs. Jackson

Friday, August 28th - Mrs. Tunstall

After attending a session, please encourage your child to complete the SEL check-out form!

Elementary SEL Small Group

All Kindergarten Students Invited!

*Zoom invitation will be sent via Jupiter next Monday*

Topic: Beginning-of-Year Introductions and Check-ins

Time: Wednesday, August 26th at 9:00 AM

Middle School SEL for 2020-2021

I have so many exciting things I will be covering this year as a way to help you reach your full potential! For the first several weeks, you will receive links with videos or activities that you can use at home. Each week you will receive the links to the activities or even to join a Zoom meeting. In mid-September we will begin a program called Second Step. I will be recording lessons for you to watch that will cover a variety of topics on helping you grow as a middle school student! How exciting! Please see below for detailed information about Second Step!

The Second Step Middle School Program is SEL that brings together today’s technology, the latest in developmental research, and feedback from actual classrooms. The result: a program that helps build a culture of connectedness and empowers middle schoolers with the skills and concepts to succeed socially, in academics, and in life. Our web-based social-emotional learning program helps students become socially skilled, form healthy relationships, make good decisions, and cope with the social and academic challenges of middle school. (

Week of August 24th Social-Emotional Learning Activities- Welcome Back!

6th Grade- "Confidence Boost"

7th Grade- "Pep Talk"

8th Grade- "8 Motivation Tips"


Every week, we will be including tips or tricks for you on how to incorporate self-care into your daily routine! We understand that during our time away from school, it may be a challenge to take care of YOU. So, here you will find some ideas to stay active, healthy, and mentally strong as we cope with this pandemic. Enjoy!

Finding Gratitude

Journal Question: “What am I grateful for today?”

Write a “thank you” note.

Take a break from the news.

Volunteer in the community.

Make a Today’s Top Three list of tasks you NEED to complete.

Do 20 minutes of yoga or meditation.

Get out and exercise.

Try these mindfulness apps!

Pocket Yoga

Daily Yoga





Bullying Prevention

What Parents Should Know About Bullying: A Two-Part Article

Bullying includes behaviors such as hitting, teasing, taunting, spreading rumors and gossip, stealing, and excluding someone from a group. Bullying actions are carried out on purpose with the intent to harm someone.

Read Part 1 || Read Part 2

Resource: The Committee for Children

Career Planning & College

Elementary School

Click here to check out Paws in Jobland on!

Middle School

Check out and begin exploring the site! We will work in the website through the year. You will be sent activities per grade to help you begin your career search and make the most of middle school!

High School

Click here for up-to-date information that colleges, universities, College Board (SAT) and ACT are releasing about COVID-19 and college admissions.

Click here for updated information about virtual college representative visits to FLA.

Connect with Mrs. Moore!

Middle School Counselor

Connect with Mrs. Jackson!

High School Counselor

Students and parents are encouraged to download the Remind 101 app for an additional way to receive information from Mrs. Jackson.

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