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October Newsletter to Families

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Thank you to all parents for your dedication to online learning. We understand the struggle and want to thank all parents that have worked with their children. Without your involvement, your child would not be as successful.

Como Parent Chat: How to Set Your Home Up For Success

Monday, Oct. 12th, 5:30-6:30pm

This is an online event.

This meeting will be held via Zoom. Follow this link on Monday, October 12th to participate.

Meeting Code: 813 1945 2473

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News From Preschool

Pre-K at Como is off to a great start! In October, class learning will be centered around the theme of “Fall”. The students will be learning the letters Cc, Dd, Ee, the numbers 3-5; the colors yellow, orange and green; and the shapes: triangle, rectangle, and oval. In Math, we are learning about shapes, patterns, counting, and sorting. In Science, the children will be experimenting with colors. We are also working on showing empathy and kindness to others.

News From Kindergarten

Wow, it is hard to believe we are into October already!!

September was a time of learning many new things. We truly appreciate the parent/guardian involvement with our Zoom lessons. Your children have definitely benefited from having you close by while they are learning!

Please continue to provide a quiet place for your child to have live meetings, making sure they know where their school supplies are before the day begins. It is also important that they know how to mute and unmute their microphones on Zoom.

Please be sure to mark attendance in the Parent or Student Portal in Infinite Campus for every day your child attends a Zoom meeting or watches a video lesson. If your child misses a live Zoom session, that's okay! We understand that things happen and they might not be able to be there live every single day. Our recorded videos are posted daily and are kept in the Google Classroom (under Classwork) for 7 days. We can see who views these videos and we check regularly. Your child is responsible for going back and watching what they missed so it won't be counted against them for lack of participation or an absence.

Just a reminder- All Kindergarten students have to take the KRA in person October 5-9. Mrs. Kimes has worked very hard to schedule everybody. If you have not been contacted- please send a Dojo message, leave a message on our Google Classroom, email us, or call the school to make an appointment.

Again, thank you for all your support, patience, and kindness as we navigate this online learning experience together!

News From 1st Grade

Hello First Grade Friends and Families,

Welcome back to our Virtual Online Learning. We are excited to have you in our classes this year. We also want to thank you for all your support and help. We are partners in your child's learning. We have been busy learning how to access all our online resources and expectations. We are using three new curriculums, Fundations, HMH (Ed) Reading, and i-Ready Math.

Upcoming Topics:

Reading-We'll continue learning about the different Genres of books, our goal is to readily identify the characteristics of the style. We are working on Sequencing events in a story, retelling a story, identifying characters, setting, and opinions.

Math-We will be working on adding and subtracting fluently within 20, using different strategies. Some of the strategies: make a ten, counting on, using counters, drawing a picture, Doubles and Near Doubles. We will continue learning about the Commutative Property as well.

Science- We'll be learning about needs, animals and survival, and the importance of the sun.

Social Studies-We are learning about Communities.

Just a friendly reminder to mark your child's attendance daily. If you have more than one child, you'll need to enter each separately.

News From 2nd Grade

First we want to say we are very proud of our second grade students for their hard work this quarter online. We know this has been challenging. Parents, we appreciate all of your help and support.We also realize this has been difficult for you. We are here to support and help you in any way that we can. The students have improved so much and are learning a lot about technology, which is only going to help them now and in the future.

Just a few reminders: if at all possible, students should be working in a quiet environment away from distractions. Please remind your child they should not be watching tv, playing video games, on their phones, drawing. etc. It is important that they give their full attention to online learning.

Please let your child complete their work on their own. It is so important for us to see what they know and don’t know. It is ok to go over directions with them, it is not ok to give them the answer. Encourage them to do their best work but do not type letters, words or sentences for them or complete their assignments. It is important that you let them make mistakes. This is part of the learning process.

During daily asynchronous (independent work) students should be working on their assignments in Google Classroom. Some students are turning in blank assignments or not completing any work at all. If you have any questions regarding this please let us know.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns let us know. This is a team effort.

Ms. Miller

Ms. Stack

News From 3rd Grade

We have had a very successful first few weeks of school. We are constantly impressed by the student’s hard work and the dedication from our amazing parents! A few reminders:

-Please make sure you are checking your child in every day to assure they are getting credit for attending class.

-Remember, students must have their first name entered to be let into zoom sessions

-Students will be taking their AIR test in person at the end of October. Please be on the lookout for specific dates that your child will be *required* to come to Como to complete the test in person.

As always, reach out to us on dojo with any questions!

Miss L & Mr. B

News From 4th Grade

Dear Parents of 4th Graders:

October is one of our favorite times of the year! We are thankful for our students and for your support and engagement. Getting to know them during our morning meetings has been a lot of fun and despite everything, we know this is going to be a fantastic year ahead of us.

As the year gets into full swing, we are working hard to ensure students are working on fact fluency in math. Please have your child practice at home until they know (+, -, x, and division facts) by heart. This is one way you can really help your child get ahead in math. Also encourage students to read something of their choice each night.

Students have been setting goals to improve their reading and math performance. Each week, we are working on IReady to become stronger readers and mathematicians. Please encourage your student to take the time we spend on these programs seriously so they can see growth and graph eventually graph their gains. Students are to complete 45 minutes a week on IReady and show 75% mastery on their lessons.

Let us know if you have any questions. If you aren't on Class Dojo please sign up so that you will be sure to receive all the communications from your child's teacher.

Thanks again!

Ms. Turner and Mrs. Nussdorfer

News From 5th Grade

Fifth graders have been working hard navigating our way through Virtual Learning. We are doing quite well!!! Thank you , parents for your support, we truly could not do it without YOU! While nothing is perfect, we are trying to make Virtual Learning as close to in-person as possible.

The following are ways you can help:

Encourage your child to show their face instead of a blank screen

Be on time

Sit up versus lying down

Find a quiet spot, if possible, away from animals and other siblings

Complete all Google Classroom assignments

Again , Thank you for help!

Here are a few things we are learning:

Reading: Main Idea, Summary

Math: Volume, Multiplication Facts

Social Studies: Timelines

Science: Ecosystems

Looking forward to a GREAT year!

News From Primary MD


We have made it almost a month into this new school year. We appreciate your patience as we move through this first quarter virtually and would like to acknowledge the time and effort each one of you have put into helping your child attend and interact with us through our various learning platforms and activities. We appreciate you!

On October 15th, we will be going on a virtual field trip to LifeTown.

LifeTown is a realistic, indoor city created to provide children with special needs opportunities to learn about real-world scenarios in a fun, engaging way. We go to LifeTown several times each school year to practice academic, social, and behavioral skills that we are learning in the classroom. Our first trip this year will be virtual, we will provide you with more information as our field trip date approaches.

News From Intermediate MD

Welcome to the Fall season! It's been great having the support all of you give to support your child. Thank you! Please continue to log your child's attendance daily on Infinite Campus. During October, in reading, we will continue building reading skills to decode words, refer to the text to support an answer and reading fluency. In math, we will work on geometry such as identifying shapes and their attributes and identifying time . For social studies, we will continue working on following rules and how it applies to various environments in life. During science, we will learn about the plant life cycle and food webs.

News From Intermediate ED

Hello Como families! Room 21 has had an awesome beginning to the start of the 2020-2021 school year! We are excited about the about our current and upcoming units. In math we began our multiplication unit. In the unit we are developing an understand of multiplication so we will be able to apply the concepts learned later in the unit. In Reading, we have been working on our grammar unit, which is currently focusing on different types of verbs and nouns. In reading we have also started our reading groups, which the students have been working very hard in! For science we have been working on ecosystems and identifying the characteristics of the animals in the ecosystem! Our class has enjoyed our Friday Virtual Field trips to Ms. Dixon’s family farm. In our Social Studies class we have began our geography unit where we are currently focusing on our map skills! Again Ms. Dixon and myself are extremely proud of our class and we hope they keep up the great work! - Mr. Tackett

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Please See Below for Attendance Concerns

To get attendance issues corrected please contact us either by email at or by leaving a voicemail at 380-997-0245. Please include your student's first AND last name, issue that needs corrected, and date that this applies to.


If you are not aware of your child's blended learning schedule of selected school days to attend Como, please follow these directions:

Go to your Parent Portal

On the bottom left click "More"

Select "Blended Remote Learning"

Verify it is you

Scroll down to the bottom and you will see which group your child is in.

Cohort A: Monday & Tuesday in bldg.

Cohort B: Thursday & Friday in bldg.

Wednesday the building is closed for cleaning.