Facts About Panama

Panama's Facts

Panama is a small country in Central America. Panama's capital is Panama City. The population there is about 3 million. The length or width of the country is 30,193 square miles. It connects Central America and South America. This country borders Costa Rica and Colombia.

Cities in Panama

Panama City is one of the largest cities in Panama. A Spanish adventurer named Pedro Arias Avila found this city in the 1520's. In the 1670's some Pirates led by Englishman Henry Morgan destroyed the city during these old days. Colon is the second largest city in Panama. This city is near the Panama Canal, and has 207,000 people that live there. Colon is also one of the world's free trade zones.

Panama Canal

The Panama Canal cuts through the middle of Panama. It mainly connects the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Many ships use it to travel between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The United States built the Canal in 1914. It took them 10 years to build the Panama Canal.


Panama has different kinds of animals. Capybears are usually found in the eastern part of Panama. Goats live in the mountains of Panama as well as rams. Pumas live in the mountains and rain forest of Panama, but they aren't easy to find. Anteaters are aggresive in Panama. They can sneak in houses quikly and hide. They have very sharp claws, so be carefull. Anteaters live in the hidden places in Panama.