My Dragster

By: Lucas Jensen


  • Speed is how far it goes and how long it takes it.
  • Arrow Dienamics effect it becasue if they are bad your car will slow down.
  • Modeling and prototyping help because they are the first design of your dragster.


  • You need the right size hole in the back for a good launch.
  • I like the side cuts because they are unique.
  • One thing that will slow mine down is it is not 100% arrow dinamic.
  • I think it will go 7 mph.


  • It turned out that the lighter and smaller the Dragster.
  • I loved when i was losing and then my car came back and won.
  • I wish i made my car a lot lighter because then it would go faster.
  • I don't like how i lost 1 and i was out.
  • My car went about 10 miles per hour.