Y7 Geography 2012-2013

The Things 7B2 have Learnt This Year


The British Isles

We learnt with Mr Bishop that the British Isles is divided in two, the Republic of Ireland and the United Kindom. The United Kingdom is then further divided into four, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Together, they are all called the British Isles. We also learnt that England is the biggest country in the British Isles with an area of 130,400 square kilometres.


With Mr Bishop we learnt about the weather. It is warmer in the southern hemisphere (southern half of the world) Than it is in the northern hemisphere.It snows a lot more in the northern hemisphere in the winter than the south.

United Kingdom Map

With Mr Bishop we learnt about locations of towns, cities, countries and counties in the United Kingdom. One of the things I learnt is remembering where Edinborough and Glasgow are. Edinborough is in the East - because they both start with E.


We learnt about shopping in geography. We learnt about different kinds of shops, corner shops, supermarkets, online shopping and out of town shops. One example of out of town shopping is the Bluewater Shopping centre. It is a large shopping centre built on an old quarry in Kent.


Homes and Habitats

With Mr Bennett we learnt about homes and habitats. We learnt about where certain animals live (habitats) and where humans live and why. (homes) We also learnt about the settlement hireachy and presented a project about our own village and why it was chosen as a site for settling.


At the start of the year with Mr Bennett we learnt about settlements. We learnt why sites were chosen and which sites we would choose if we were settlers. In this task we had to make a desision to please the whole village, from warriors who wanted visabilty to potters who wanted clay to make pots with.

Geography Quiz

Try out your geography by answering questions about what we have learnt this year! (Tip: All answers can be found on this page!)  1. Where is Bluewater shopping centre? 2. If you were a warrior settler, where would you want to settle your tribe? 3. What is a habitat? 4. In what part of Scotland is Endinborough?      5. Is the Northen or Southern hemisphere warmer?   6. What is the largest country in the British Isles?  7. Is the Republic of Ireland seperate from the U.K?   8. How many countries are in the U.K?     9. What kind of shop is the Bluewater shopping Centre?  10. What is an easy way of remembering where Edinborough is?