Waffles on Wheels

Breakfast All Day, Everyday

Serving all of the Houston area



Waffles with Nutella, strawberries, bananas, and blueberries - 5.50

Eggs with bacon, hasbrown, and sausage - 4.50

Crepes filled with Nutella, strawberries, and bananas - 5.00

Eggs with bacon, pancakes, and sausage - 4.50

French toast with strawberries and blackberries - 5.50

Pancakes with strawberries and a strawberry glaze - 4.00

Red velvet pancakes - 4.00

Croissant filled with eggs and a slice of tomato - 4.00


Fresh squeezed orange juice - 2.50

Grape juice - 2.00

Fresh squeezed lemonade - 2.50

Water - 1.00

Fruit smoothie - 4.00

Where did we come from?

We started out being waitresses at a local diner a couple years ago, but we always wanted something more. We went our separate ways trying to find our true calling, but ended up working back at the same diner together. On our way to work every morning, we would skip breakfast but never saw any breakfast food trucks. During lunch, we would always see food trucks serving lunch and dinner, but breakfast was missing. We got together and decided to save up money to buy our own food truck. A year later we got started and right off the bat it was a big hit! We are currently serving breakfast all around the Houston area to people who are in a hurry on their way to work just like we were!
Food Truck Breakfast Competiton

How will we ensure the success of our business?

In order to ensure the success of our business we pride ourselves in serving you all organic and fresh ingredients that we buy from our local farmers market. We serve all around Houston so you don't have to worry about never seeing us again! Also, we are very interactive with our customers so if there is something you would wants us to add to our menu, feel free to go to our website and suggest us new ideas! Don't forget to leave a review!
For more information on our next locations and more, please visit us at our website at www.wafflesonwheels.com!