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What is AVID?

Watch this video on the AVID program at Elkins Pointe Middle School.

AVID Basics

Q: AVID – Why that name?

A: AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. The program is based on the belief that if students are willing to work hard, they can be taught skills needed to take ownership of their own learning, to complete rigorous courses and be prepared for high school and college.

Q: How are students selected for the AVID Connections class?

A: AVID targets students who have the desire to go to college and the willingness to work hard. Students who are capable of completing rigorous curriculum but are falling short of their potential are good candidates for AVID. AVID looks to promote students who are often the first in their families to attend college and provides a means for socio-economically disadvantaged families to be exposed to and learn a path for college. However, AVID is not a program only for students who are from families who need help evening the playing field, it is for students who are motivated to do well, but could use extra skills to reach their full potential.

Q: My child is not in the AVID Elective. How does he/she benefit?

A: AVID is designed to impact the leadership, systems, instruction and culture of a school to support high expectations and levels of achievement for all students. AVID impacts students throughout the school when trained teachers use AVID strategies to influence the academic and behavioral skills of their students in all content classes. Although AVID is an elective course for selected students, ALL students will benefit because the methodologies, strategies, and expectations are school-wide and impact the learning environment and culture of an entire campus.

Applying for AVID

Q: Where do you submit an application?

A: THE DEADLINE TO APPLY FOR THE 2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR HAS EXPIRED. The decision to keep the application links open, is so that parents may read the applications to see what was expected from the student applicants. If your child is interested in AVID in the 2018-2019 school year for 6th, 7th, or 8th grades, spots will be open. Just because your child did not enter the program in 6th grade, it does not mean they can not gain a spot in 7th or 8th grade. Here are the links for the applications, so you may see the process:

Q: What is the deadline for applications?

A: Early Spring 2019

Q: What grades can apply?

A: We have room in ALL Grades!

  • 6th grade - space is limited
  • 7th grade - if space is available
  • 8th grade - if space is available

AVID Teacher

Q: Who is the AVID teacher?

A: Mrs. Meredith Tonge is our Connections AVID Teacher. Mrs. Tongue taught 8th grade Social Studies at EPMS, and has moved over to be our lead AVID instructor. Mrs. Tongue was the 2016-2017 Fulton County Teacher of the Year.

Click on the videos below to see Mrs. Meredith Tongue address the State of Our Schools & her Legacy Speech.

Fulton County Schools State of Our Schools Event 2016


Q: How does AVID work at EPMS?

A: AVID is a year-long Connections class, much like Band, Orchestra and Chorus are year-long Connections classes. AVID is an elective class for one period a day during the Connections. Students learn organizational and study skills, work on critical thinking and asking probing questions, get academic help from peers and AVID tutors, and participate in enrichment and motivational activities to focus on path in high school that leads to college.

Q: Is AVID an ELECTIVE class, or is it a track of classes that the kids take all year?

A: AVID is a year-round Connections class, taken during the Connections portion on the schedule. It is akin to how Band, Orchestra and Chorus operate. Your child can still participate in the music program and in World Languages. There will be no room in your child's schedule to cycle through: PE, Health, Art, Business Computer Science, Adventure Quest, Family and Consumer Science (FACS) or General Music.

Clearing Up the Confusion?

Q: "I'm completely confused about this program. When it was first introduced I went online to the AVID website to read about it, and it sounded like a program intended to assist and encourage students who might not typically be on a college prep track. Now my daughter is telling me her impressions of the program, which make it sound more like a TAG-type experience--field trips, study skills, etc. It sounds more like an elective now--I thought in the past, it was a group of kids taking specialized classes geared toward getting them on the path to college. Can you please clarify?"

A: The short answer to your question is NO this is not a TAG program. This is "a program intended to assist and encourage students who might not typically be on a college prep track." Students go on field trips and learn study skills, etc." PLEASE NOTE: THIS PROGRAM IS NOT DESIGNED FOR TAG STUDENTS. The program is designed to help students who have the desire but not necessarily the support to achieve their goal of going to college.

Homework & Field Trips

Q: Does AVID give homework in addition to the 1-2 hours a day of homework from the other classes?

A: AVID rarely assigns homework, and actually is a compliment to homework. Two times a week the AVID class has students pulls a question they need help with and addresses it in class.

Q: Is it true that AVID takes field trips?

A: Yes, the AVID classes take field trips. AVIS classes visit colleges campuses, but also participate in real world experiences. Our Avid classes this year have visited CNN, GA Tech, UGA, Kennesaw State, and to a "Rope Course" for a Team Building experience.

AVID, Music & Languages...Oh My!!

Q: Can you take AVID and also do a World Language & Band/Chorus/Orchestra?

A: Yes! World Language doesn't affect it all since all students take either World Language or Reading. However, students who take a music course (band, chorus, or orchestra) and AVID, will only have those two electives. They will not take P.E., art, etc.

AVID Impacts

Q: What are the impacts of AVID?

A: AVID Impacts:


  • Provides meaningful and motivational professional learning opportunities
  • Develops campus-based leadership through the AVID Site Team
  • Supports campus leadership in opening access •Develops family and community outreach
  • Addresses issues of access and equity
  • Increases vertical articulation
  • Increases enrollment in advanced academic courses
  • Provides data collection and analysis
  • Supports Common Core and other state standards
  • Develops students as readers and writers
  • Teaches specific strategies for critical and higher-level thinking
  • Utilizes WICOR (Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading) as a foundation for learning
  • Employs Socratic methodologies •Cultivates time management and goal-setting behaviors

  • Acts as a catalyst to improve the belief system, culture, and instructional strategies for all students
  • Provides support so students can meet high expectations
  • Empowers students with academic, career, and life skills

Presentations on Collaboration and Inquiry

These Title I Parent Workshops were presented by our AVID trained teachers.

  1. Part I - Inquiry: Costa's Level of Questioning by Mr. Tim Feilin
  2. Part II - Collaboration by Mrs. Meredith Tongue

(Please enjoy the presentations by clicking on the videos below.)

Title I Part 1Costas Level of Questioning
Title I Part 2 Collaboration Presentation Feb 2016

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination)

AVID Recruitment

The window for AVID recruitment will open in Winter 2019. AVID is a college-ready program in which motivated students apply to the program. The AVID program is a year-long elective where students learn WICOR strategies, such as organization, collaboration, using Cornell Notes and more. The application process entails students to complete the application, acquire recommendations from a teacher(s), and to interview.

Note: There is limited space available in the AVID program; candidates are selected based on AVID qualifications and not on first come basis.

Questions? Ask a Parent Liaison!

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