WMS Electives

Get involved at your school!


The soul purpose of band is to learn how to play an instrument. You should join band because you learn skills, work as a group, become more organized and they go to competitions like U.I.L. However, the amount it costs to get all of the supplies you need for class is a lot!


The main purpose of P.E. is to get healthier without playing sports like athletics. In P.E. you have fun, make friends, play games and get fit at the same time. The only down side to it is; you will get sweaty while doing it.


You should join athletics if you like the following things: playing sports, working as a team, bonding with a team and getting out of school early. The only problem is; if you play sports, you have to wake up at 5:00am in the morning to become an All-Star player.

Student Council

In Student Council, it teaches you how to lead a group of people. You may want to join if you like being a leader, going to special events, are interested in politics and having private meetings. Finally, Student Council is an elected position by popular vote.

Color Guard

In Color Guard, you learn how do do things like twirl flags. You and some friends may want to join Color Guard because you get healthy in a fun way. You also make buddies, go to competitions and is usually a boy-free zone. Unfortunately, they have rehearsal at least one day per week for 2 hours.