Barack Obama 2nd Place in New Hampshire Primary Speech

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. –Barack Obama

Good Afternoon STEM Educators,

YES WE CAN, YES WE CAN, YES WE CAN ! This was a phrase that galvanized our country and the world. The video above is when Barack Obama took second place in the New Hampshire Primary, January 8, 2008. It is so powerful, because if you actually listen to the whole speech, you would have thought , he actually won the primary. But no, he lost! Even though he lost, his confidence was never shaken, and in actuality it strengthen him.

As I relate that to Bluford STEM Academy, YES WE CAN, YES WE CAN! It is amazing to see how our STEM Educators are incorporating STEM in their classroom! It is AWESOME. We have Educators that are using interdisciplinary and student centered learning. We have teachers utilizing literacy with Science, and literacy with their Technology. Also Math with Literacy and Science with Math. We have STEM educators that truly use their technology in every block of the day. It is Amazing! Does that mean everything is perfect, No. But, we have STEM Educators, that try! The first thing in doing anything special is effort. We have some of the hardest working teachers in Guilford County Schools.


QR Codes are an awesome way to change up your lessons and engage your students. Quick response (QR) codes are easy to create and have many uses in the classroom. With the posting of a QR code, you can lead students to information by just using their computer's or mobile device's camera. Our QR Code Reader at Bluford is called i-nigma 1. Open the app called I-nigma 2. Scan the QR Code 3. Click on the Link .

We are not a dodo, We utilize Class Dojo!!!!

Class Dojo is an excellent tool that we utilize in our school. It can help you with classroom management and parent communication. Use it through out the day, at the bathroom, in the cafeteria, in the classroom etc. It can truly help you save your voice throughout the year. Have fun with it, use incentives with it.How many of us would love to get some type of incentive after a long hard week of work.Our students are the same way. If you could please also put your students picture as the monster, it would really help out our staff that does not get to see them on a regular basis. Class Story in Class Dojo allows teachers to share pictures from their classroom to parents in a safe environment. Our Bluford STEM Educators have been posting upcoming assignments, pictures of student work from the classroom and screenshots of STEM Resources. You guys are Awesome, Way to Go Bluford STEM Leaders.

Impowerment Monday

When I was at another school, I had the privilege and honor to have two mentoring groups that we called College Bound. We had our College Bound Boys dress up in shirt and tie and we had our College Bound Girls dress in business attire with skirts, button up blouses and even were awarded pearls. It was empowering for our students and they loved it. It truly changed their attitude and made them have a sense of identity. I am bringing this to Bluford. I am asking that all of our Afterschool Groups with the exception of ACES dress up on PowerMondays. I am still having a tough time, with our Bluford young ladies attire, so I would love to get feedback on an appropriate attire. The reason that I want to do this, is I want to breath life back into our Bluford Students. I want to change their mentality and when they say that they want to be a Engineering or Scientist, that they actually believe that. It will not be just business attire, but it will be a series of events that is connected to PowerMonday. I had the privilege of having people help me along my journey and I want to give that same privilege to our Bluford Students.

STEMulate your planning and our STEM Application

Wow, we have had some awesome collaborations between grade levels with our STEM Planning. Once a month, we designated a Monday in the month as STEM Planning Monday. This is an opportunity for one grade level, to share STEM resources with another grade level. Our First STEM Planning Monday Presenters will be our Amazing Kindergarten Team and our Great Second Grade Team on November 2, 2015. After that, we will break up and share resources with your paired Grade Level, that we designated at the beginning of the year. Also please make sure that you are doing your section of your STEM Application. We are trying to have this STEM Application done before Winter Break. So that means if you have events in the spring, you still have to meet with your groups to finish the application. Thank you guys for your cooperation, this is our year, we will get a STEM visit. the link below has the application.


Every Friday, we will have some type of STEM Video for our Bluford STEM students during Lunch. We want to utilize this time as an opportunity for our Bluford Students to learn and grow. I apologize to K-1 for not setting up in time for them to participate, but we will be better prepared next week. Sometimes you just have to start and smooth out the kinks later. I think it was fairly successful. Any STEM Educator that has a STEM video or an empowerment video that you feel would be beneficial to our students , please let me know. I could use your help. Thanks again for your patience.


Last year we use so many STEM tools in our classroom. But many of our STEM tools, we utilized in the second half of the school year. Imagine if we did not use those same STEM Tools in our classrooms at all last year. Where would our Bluford Students be? But also imagine if we use those STEM resources at the beginning of the year. But it is a new year, with new challenges. Let's encourage the use of Read Theory, Front Row, Sumdog, Reflex Math, Discovery Education, Class Dojo, GCS Ebook, Raz-Kids, Edmodo and soon Achieve 3000. Let's not just utilize these STEM Resources in our classrooms but send these resources home so our students can utilize these STEM resources at home. Especially Reflex Math and Front Row!
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