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history of Landmines

landmines are small mostly round explosive traps just under the surface of the ground. They are triggered by a tripwire when a person or vehicle walked hits the wire. They are made to injure and kill a person.

Function of landmines

  • Landmines are weapons of mass destruction in slow motion.
  • every 22 minutes 1 person somewhere in the world is killed or injured by landmines.
  • In 64 countries around the world there are 110 land mines still lodged the the ground.
  • The use of mines referred primarily to digging tunnels beneath enemy trenches.

major problems

  • landmines cause major pain and suffering
  • landmines can be cleared but have enormous expense.
  • the coast to remove landmines would be 2 billion per year for 10 years.
  • the only way to deactivate landmines would be $300-1000 a mine
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XM7 Spider Land Mine | Deadliest Tech