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FVES Family Newsletter for Families on Plan B, 10.1.20

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Good afternoon Fuquay-Varina Plan B Families,

Our 2020-2021 school year has been a success, and we are proud of all we have accomplished. Students are connecting virtually to their classrooms, teachers are collaborating to provide quality instruction, and our families have rallied to support our school community. Thank you.

On Tuesday night, the Wake County Public School System School Board adopted a plan to transition our students back to school. My goal for this letter is to review the plan, provide you with a few pieces of information, and a few quick action steps.

Review Plan B

First, please take a moment to review the adopted plan.

PreK – 3rd Grade & K-12 Special Education Regional programs

October 26 – Cohort rotations of students will begin

November 16 – All Plan B students will begin in person instruction daily

4th and 5th Grade

November 16 – Cohort rotations of students will begin and continue through the end of the semester

Click here to read more in English and Spanish about the Plan adopted by the board

What are cohorts?

Students have been divided into 3 groups. These groups were assigned with consideration of several factors and siblings have been assigned the same cohorts. We have also worked to align siblings in other WCPSS schools to the same cohort, but there may be some differences due to different calendar types.

When will I find out my child’s cohort?

It is my intention to send out messages to families TODAY to confirm your child’s cohort. Communication will be sent via email through the School Messenger system. Families may also check the Parent Portal of PowerSchool; however, there may be some shifts in the cohorts over the next few days and the emailed letter confirming your child’s cohort should be used as the final cohort assignment.

Can I change my child’s cohort?

Changing a child’s cohort will be unlikely as they are based on several different factors. However, if there are extenuating circumstances parents are welcome to reach out to me via email (

School Based Transportation

The WCPSS Transportation department has been working on assigning routes and bus stops. At this time, we are waiting for information and will be certain to provide you an update as soon as possible. Once transportation has made the assignments, parents are also able to verify the route and stop in PowerSchool. Please assume that all students will be assigned a new route from the previous school year since we have lost 300 students.

Carpool Area

We will be utilizing the shorter carpool loop (nearest the cafeteria) this school year in order to provide closer proximity to the building. This will enable more supervision for kids and a better process for us to complete the Health Screening. All Pre-K and K-5 students will access the same carpool line. There will not be a separate carpool line for Pre-K or our CCK Programs.


Fuquay-Varina Elementary does not have an official walk zone. All students/ families should use the carpool system to bring their student to and from school or utilize neighborhood bus transportation. It is imperative that we keep the arrival areas free and clear of additional traffic and pedestrians. With the additional procedures and priority for health and safety, we are no longer able to choose this as a feasible option for arrival and dismissal. Please, please follow this rule.

Fuquay-Varina ES Before and After School Care

We will not open our Before and After School Care program for the remainder of the semester. We recognize the value of the program but feel it is important to keep our focus on daily school operation and learning as we make the transition back to school. The opening of the program for the second semester will be reviewed and communicated to families.

Carpool Tags

Making sure every family has a carpool tag will be an important part of reopening our school successfully. Please take a moment to click on the button below to secure your carpool number. Anyone that will use carpool will need a carpool tag. Carpool tags will be made available to families once the request has been received.

First Weeks Drop Off for Kindergarten

As the county provides information regarding visitors on campus and specifics on new processes, we will continue to give out more specifics of Kindergarten and PRE-K first weeks drop off. We understand this is a big milestone and will be making special arrangements to keep them safe, help them transition, and experience some normal moments.

We will begin the first day of each cohort week the same(Each Monday). Pre-K and kindergarten students may arrive at 9:30 AM with a family member. The student and their family member will need to enter through the front doors after completing the health screening (temperature taken and questions asked) process. They may walk their student to their classroom for this first day. Families will have a brief opportunity to see the classroom, get any pertinent information from the teacher, and take pictures! More information will come via your kindergarten and pre-kindergarten team.

After Monday of the cohort week, parents may use the small carpool loop for student drop off at 9:30 AM. This will allow them to get familiar with the normal procedures. Teachers will meet them in the carpool circle, complete the student health screening process, and walk them to their classroom. On week 4, when all Pre-K- third grade students are in attendance, our youngest rockets will be expected to participate in normal arrival procedures between 8:45-9:15 AM in the very same carpool loop all other students access.


All students will be expected to wear face coverings when they are anywhere on school grounds and while traveling on buses, vendor transportation or other WCPSS vehicles. Exemptions will still be allowed for individuals who cannot tolerate a face covering due to developmental, medical, or behavioral health needs or due to a sincerely held religious belief. Face coverings will be provided at the next material pick up on October 15th.

Face coverings of your choice are required for all school staff, adult visitors, and all school aged children when they are or may be within six feet of another person, including:

  • inside school buildings and anywhere on school grounds, including outside;

  • while traveling on buses or other WCPSS vehicles; and

  • at all WCPSS work sites.

Again, I would like to thank you. Each day I am encouraged and inspired by the work of our community to keep putting students first. The role each of you have played in this endeavor is remarkable. Thank you.

With Great Respect,

Heather Johnson

Carpool Number Request Form

ALL carpool riders will need to complete this for 2020-2021. Virtual Academy full year students, please hold off on completing this year.

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