Say no to Drugs

They kill you or get you

Drugs. Why do them in the first place

If you do drugs they either kill you or they get you addicted.

Drugs Types

There are many drug types such as stimulants, depressants, inhalants, narcotics, hallucinogens.

Examples of them are ecstasy, GHB, and heroin


Here are a few drugs and their effects; Ecstasy- clenched/grinding teeth, and dangerously high body temperature.

Steroids- For men- testicles may shrink. infertility, and breast may develop.

For women- growth of facial hair and chest hair, voice deepens.

For everyone- excessive acne, mood swings, paranoia, "roid rage" (unreasonable anger).

GHB- its a odorless, colorless, tasteless liquid; can cause a person to go unconscious.

Heroin- highly addictive; feelings of a "rush" and then drowsiness; can lead to blood clots, organ failure and numerous diseases.

LSD- can cause you to do things that put your life in danger.