Minerals help the body by ...

  • replenishing red blood cells
  • Helps keeps bones strong
  • heps maintain water balance in the body


You can find minerals in ...

  • Spinach
  • Red Meat
  • and in Organs like the liver


  • When you don't get enough minerals

your bones become weak and can't function normallyough minerals

  • When you get to many minerals you can get

U.T.I., headache,and nasuea


M. makes strong bones and teeth

I. iorn is an example

N. needed for body's chemical reactions

E. enzymes can't be made without them

R. red blood cells are replenished

A. absorbed by the stomach

L. liver is a good source

S. sodium is another mineral

Other Facts

  1. Minerals are the reason you feel thristy after eating pizza or other salty foods
  2. An iron or zinc defrency can casue the compulsion to eat non food substances
  3. There are 3,800 known minerals and approximatley 30-50 new minerals found each year.
  4. Minerals are mined from the ground