Miami, Flo-rida

----------------------By Dylan and Cam----------------------

May, 21, 2013

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Miami, FL CADV by Deerfield SoundCloud 2

Weather Forecast

Hello, Miami! Today for the 1 day forecast. It is 88.4ºF out, but it will be ranging from 65º to 95º, so make sure to wear sunscreen and a good pair of sunglasses. What a beautiful Tuesday! The wind speed isn’t that fast today so you should be fine, it’s only going to be an average of 4 miles per hour. It won’t be too moist but also not too dry. There will be a little bit of showers but around 10:00am it should be dry. The humidity is 55%, it’s just about a perfect day. The cloud cover is partly sunny and the air pressure is 29.97, so it should get pretty cold out tonight.

----> Things To Know! <----

How the weather will affect YOU!

It will be a great day to go to the beach, but it is recommended to stay in the shade because otherwise you’re probably going to get burnt. If you are going to be outside at all, Don't be wearing your flanel sweaters that you got for Christmas from Grandma, and your long black wool pants because the cloud cover is partly sunny and it is 88.4º. You should be wearing just a short sleeve shirt, some shorts and flip-flops.

Geography and Climate

The temperature is 88.4ºF. It is so hot because Florida is close to the equator and there is not a high elevation, the highest point is 345 feet above sea level. Miami is mostly at sea level so it's usually very hot. The Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean cool off the air with a nice ocean breeze.