Pre-K News Update

Pre-K Power!

We are approaching the end of the year with less than 8 weeks left of school! We are now studying plants! During our plants unit we will plant seeds, watch bean seeds sprout, go on nature walks, paint pictures of plants, explore different kinds of plants, talk about plants we can eat, and learn that plants need water, sun, air, and soil to survive. In addition to our plant theme, we continue to practice our letters, numbers, shapes, and writing daily. Your children are growing so quickly and they act more and more like Kindergarteners each day!

Up and Coming Events

Tuesday, April 15th- Library Day and MATH NIGHT

Thursday, April 16th- Friday, April 17th- NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS

April 28th- Field Trip to the Dallas Zoo!

Pre-K Math Night

You are invited to another Pre-K Parent Engagement Night! Our focus again will be on math activities! We did not get as many parents as expected at our last meeting (probably due to the earlier time). We want to offer another opportunity for you to come and have a great time with us! Bring your child to learn about some fun math activities they do at school and some that you can do at home!

Even if you came last time, there will be new activities including: parachute games, hopscotch, iPads, measuring animals, leap frog, and a few more!

We REALLY hope to see you here for an awesome night of learning math!

Dallas Zoo Trip! April 28th

Make sure you are checking your child's folder each and every night! Check soon for some more information about the zoo! I will also attach the document to the email that this was sent to you in.

Permission slips are past due! If you did not one turn one in, your child may not be included on the final list for the Dallas Zoo! It is very important to get it in as soon as possible. If you need a new one, just send me a note or an email and I'd be glad to help.

We would still like to have a few more volunteers visit the zoo with us to keep the groups of students as small as possible. Please let me know as soon as you can if you are interested!

Thank you to those who have already volunteered! : )


  • Read to your child each night! Also, have them read to you (even if they are just looking at the pictures).
  • Have your child practice writing their name often at home. Don’t use all UPPERCASE letters. Have them write their name with the first letter uppercase and the others lowercase. (ex. Ben)
  • Check and sign folders everyday!
  • Keep library books in backpacks after you read them. Library day is usually Friday.

Collecting Donations

We will be starting a school wide fundraiser this week! It is called Pennies for Patients and it is a program that helps find a cure for cancer. Students will each receive a penny box this week and they can begin collecting pennies for a great cause! Below is a link to more information about the campaign.

We are also collecting tabs from cans, and we are always collecting box tops!

Our classroom art center is also running low on recyclable items like shoe boxes, old CD's, toilet or paper towel rolls, and much more! When you're about to throw some of these things away next time, send them to school instead and you'll never know what they'll turn into!

Pennies for Patients - Putting the Fun in Fundraising

Valuable Resources

-Bookflix- a site that has created videos out of popular children’s books. They also have informational books you can read as well.

-Username: indy Password: flix

· - Read a book with your child and give one to children in need!

· - Great for letter identification, sounds, and other fun reading activities.

· Rainforest Math - Good math activities

- Username:RFMP0453 Password: Trade58

In Case You Were Wondering...

Thank you for all of your support!

Heidi Vernier

The kids finally started to wonder why my belly was getting bigger so we made a graph about what they thought! Aren't they adorable! Yes, my tummy is bigger because I'm going to have a baby! Ice cream may have played a small part in it though too : )