Week 6

Keep on chugging!

We are over the half way point and are now on the slippery slope towards parent teacher interviews, assessments (reports are next term...) and of course, another well deserved holiday.

In the mean time, here is this weeks IT newsletter, come Q&A minutes come... something else.


Chris A & Bek

P.S. There will be no ICT Friday next week as the Harmony Day breakfast is on.

Useful Stuff

Maths Edition

Topdrawer Maths

Topdrawer Maths is produced by the wonderful people at The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers. It provides ideas, teaching tips, assessment opportunities and activities for many areas of mathematics. I am finding it invaluable when programming lessons. Suitable for late stage 1 to stage 3.

The Mathematics Shed

The Mathematics Shed is the sister site to the wonderful Literacy Shed. It provides a host of online resources for teaching maths that can really enthuse students. From stories to songs, videos to games this website is definitely worth looking at. My personal favorite is the wonderful AdamUp series of songs.

Maths Starters

Maths Starters gives a pretty good explanation of what it is on their homepage. "Maths Staters is a small but growing collection of activities to start a maths lesson. Each activity can be used over and over with a new set of numbers each time."



The staff that are participating in the differentiation project based learning course have been asked to sign up with Edmodo. This is a Facebook style website for the education world. It can be used by just teachers (where you interact with different groups of teachers – the differentiation group being an example) or by classes. We covered how to set up an account, edit your profile, set Five Dock Public School as your location and how to post in groups.


We talked about staff access to SMART which is an application you can palce on your DEC portal page. All teaching staff should be able to access this analysis tool which looks at NAPLAN data. If you cannot access it then you will need to speak to myself or Shae.

Recap from last weeks resources

Finally, we looked at last week’s flyer and the resources included. All flyers will be saved on my Smore homepage for you to look at whenever you like. As for Smore, I’m sure you can see that it is a tool to publish online flyers. It’s free to use (unless you want corporate analytical tools) and reasonably simple to use. If you would like more information on this website, feel free to come along on Fridays.

How do I access my DEC folder from home

Well, hopefully this IT newsletter should help with this. If you follow this link, look towards the bottom, right hand corner there should be a link to a PDF that explains the process.

Something to share

The Singapore Maths Teacher

Thanks to Liz (and Helen for reminding me) for showing me this. It's a website that contains a range of problems that are worked through on screen. It also fits into my maths theme for this week. Have a look!

The Singapore Maths Teacher