Berta Palacios Library Newsletter

2nd Six Weeks 2016-2017

P-SJ-A Reading Laureate Program

The PSJA Library Department has announced its Accelerated Reader incentive program. Reading degrees can be earned based on the student

Accelerated Reader word count.

The program is named the "YOU" of Reading.

Deadline to earn degrees: Friday, April 28, 2017.

Reading Degrees

1st Grade

PSJA A.R. High School Diploma-100,000 Word Count & 85% Avg.

2nd Grade

PSJA A.R. Associates Degree-250,000 Word Count & 85% Avg.

3rd Grade

PSJA A.R. Bachelor's Degree-500,000 Word Count & 85% Avg.

4th Grade & 5th Grade

PSJA A.R. Master's Degree-1,000,000 Word Count & 90% Avg.

PSJA A.R. Doctorate's Degree-2,000,000 Word Count & 90% Avg.


Second Six Weeks Reading Laureate Student

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PSJA A.R. Master's Degree-1,000,000 Word Count & 90%

D'banhy Y. Ocanas


Palacios Elementary

2nd Six Weeks Top AR Students

1st Grade

Rachel R. Valdez

Domenik A. Chavarria

Valeria P. Calzada

2nd Grade

Samuel E. Ocanas

Eduardo Salas

Valery A. Chavarria

3rd Grade

Jose A. Ramirez

Paula M. Toscano

Marco A. Uresti

4th Grade

Delilah V. Labastida

Jose I. Gallardo

Alexis A. Becerra

5th Grade

D’banhy Y. Ocanas

Gensis A. Benitez

Angelica Gonzalez


Panther Book Club

Oct. 13, 2016

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Panther book club members meet every Thursday at 7:30 a.m. at Palacios Library.

Student discussions are held on Texas Bluebonnet Award books. Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate and Hamster Princess by Ursula Vernon have been two of the many books members have discussed. Students make two book selections for extra reading at the end of each meeting. The book titles include Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library by Chris Grabenstein and The Strange Case of Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger.

Some of the book club members are pictured below. Not all members are present.

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Panther Vocabulary Parade

October 28, 2016

The Vocabulary Parade was held on Friday, October 28, 2016 at 9 a.m. The Vocabulary Parade idea came from Debra Frasier. She is the author of the book, Miss Alaineus, A Vocabulary Disaster. In the story, a student confuses the word "miscellaneous" for the name Miss Alaineus. The student turns an embarrassing mistake into a winning costume in the school's Vocabulary Parade.

Each student at Palacios Elementary selected a word to depict in a visual representation. Parents were notified of the word drawn by the student. Parents also assisted the students in creating a visual depiction of the word in a costume format. Thank you parents for your help and encouragement. We had 97 percent participation. This was a great job done by our students, parents and teachers!


Vocabulary Parade Judges

Mr. Ronnie Cantu, PSJA School Board Member

Mr. Jesse Vela, PSJA School Board Member

Ms. Daniella Perez, South Texas College Student

Ms. Jeanette Gomez, South Texas College Student

Thank you!

Thank you Mr. Cantu, Mr. Vela, Ms. D. Perez and Ms. J. Gomez on behalf of Berta S. Palacios Elementary. We had a very successful Vocabulary Parade with your awesome help.
A special thank you to Mr. Tony Garza, Palacios music teacher, who provided the music throughout the vocabulary parade and Ms. Ashley Clark, Master of Ceremonies, who kept the students entertained throughout the parade. Thanks again to the Palacios Literacy team, Ms. Robie, Mrs. Quiroz, Mrs. J. Farias and Mrs. L. Trevino for all your hard work to make this a event a success.

Palacios Vocabulary Parade Winners-Oct. 28, 2016

Students preparing for the Vocabulary Parade!

Vocabulary Parade judging begins


Britannica: Escolar

Students can access

BRITANNICA: ImageQuest which provides over 2,000,000 images.

TEXQUEST - BRITANNICA: e-Stax which allows students to use a collection of eBooks from Encyclopaedia Britannica.

TEXQUEST - BRITANNICA: Escolar provides encyclopedia articles on a variety of subjects, videos and interactive learning games in Spanish.

TEXQUEST-BRITANNICA: Learning Zone provides interactive games, books and maps.

It also teaches students how to do math problems and how to read.

TEXQUEST-BRITANNICA: Moderna provides articles, images maps, a dictionary, atlas and other materials for older students in Spanish.

TEXQUEST - BRITANNICA: School Edition provides encyclopedia articles on various subjects with film clips, interactive learning games, articles, maps and websites.



"MackinVIA is a complete eResource management system providing easy access to eBooks, audiobooks and educational databases. With just one login, users can view, utilize, and manage all of their eResources. Further, MackinVIA allows simultaneous, unlimited access to multiple users and is mobile friendly."


Palacios Library Statistics

2nd Six Weeks

Top Patron Statistics

Top Patron Statistics


1. Martinez Villarreal, Rolando -42

Lopez, Anahi 2nd

2. Olivares, Geraldine Ileny-36

Rodriguez, Sandra 2nd

3. Valdez, Rebecca Nicole-35

Hinojosa, Cynthia 3rd

4. Marroquin, Amber Skky-34

Hinojosa, Cynthia 3rd

5. Flores, Brandon Lee-33

Mendoza, Lucila 4th

6. Enriquez, Alexa Nicole-32

Lopez, Anahi 2nd

7. Guevara, Genesis Geneve-32

Hinojosa, Cynthia 3rd

8. Moreno, Devany-31

Hinojosa, Cynthia 3rd

9. Flores, Natalee Rae-28

Hinojosa, Cynthia 3rd

10. Uresti, Christopher-28

Lopez, Anahi 2nd

Top Homeroom Statistics

Homeroom Total Circulations

1. Hinojosa, Cynthia 3rd-427

2. Lopez, Anahi 2nd-343

3. Valdez, Juan 5th-271

4. Rodriguez, Jeanette 3rd-200

5. Rodriguez, Sandra 2nd-192

6. Mendoza, Lucila 4th-170

7. Noreiga, Lorena 4th-165

8. Martinez, Bianca 5th-162

9. Sandra Rodriguez 3rd-154

10. Ortiz, Ana 2nd-113

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