Panther pride

Norfolk Jr High

how to survive a apocalypse

This story is about zombies and walkers and tips on the show. There are zombies called walkers. They will eat you if they get the chance. In fields there are hordes full of them, STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!!!.Don't get bitten; you will turn into them. If you kill one of them and rub their organs all over your body, they will not know you are you. Use silenced weapons, so more don't come. Only live a bit out of town, not a lot. Do not go to hospitals, they are full of them because patients died and turned into zombies. Stay away from people, they will kill you. Create your own weapons, don’t depend on finding them. The last one, you are never safe, it only takes one second to turn bad. (Rick Grimes)

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he three little survivers

The three little kittens were scared and so they thought they would lose their hair. They were in a forest and they saw a man. The kittens said, “Hi there, what's going on?” He came to them and they were scared again. The man was scary and the kittens found out he was a zombie. They started to run from him in the and they were getting out of the forest to find their mother. They found their mother running from zombies. The kittens made their way home and the zombies were all gone.

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transformers age of extinction

Transformes Age of Extinction is a movie where autobots and other transformers are being hunted by humans. In a battle to save their kind, the remaining autobots try to stop this war. They find out that the plan is to wipe out the humans by a decepticon along with the autobots. The autobots find the dinobots to help them on there quest to stop this. The movie is full of action. The person and his daughter and her boyfriend who found Optimus Prime brought him back to life with power.The government is trying to stop the autobots.The dinobots and the autobots go on a great battle to stop the government. All in all, the movie is great for action lovers; you will love it.

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apps and video games what o assassins creed uniy

Assassin's Creed Unity is a fighting game with a lot of climbing and agility.You are like a Ninja and you are protecting your town from evil.The Assassins and Templar's have been fighting for thousand of years. There are eight other games in this series of games.They are cool, because they have cool outfits made of leather, and they wear hoods to protect their identity from people.This particular game takes place in the French Revolution and you are protecting people from Templar's.

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40 years into the future

Levi Johnson was known as a funny construction worker. He went to Norfolk High School and had no extra curricular activities and had a job at McDonald's. Levi went to college after he went in the Air Force. His job is now a carpenter. Levi is skinny, getting bald and a little gray in his hair. He have six kids and grand children. He lives in Nebraska and has a big home. His hobbies are hunting. Levi will travel to New York and L.A. someday.