Battle of Guadalcanal

by Kyleigh Moorer

Battles for the Solomon Islands

The Battle of Guadalcanal was part of the US strategy to push Japan's territory back. Located in the western Pacific Ocean, Guadalcanal is the farthest the Japanese had gone in the Solomons.

Battle of Guadalcanal

Saturday, Feb. 7th 1942 at 12am to Tuesday, Feb. 9th 1943 at 12am

Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands

Guadalcanal Province

7,100 dead for the Allies

31,000 dead for the Japanese

Battle Plan

The Allies chose the southern part of the Solomons for their first target. The first plan of action was to use the offensive to deny use of the islands by the Japanese to cut off supplies and to invade the islands. The plan was conceived by Admiral Ernest King. Though it was a good plan, it would have the Pacific theatre competing with the European theatre for supplies and personnel so US Army General George C. Marshall told King their first priority was to stop Germany then they could deal with Japan. King eventually won the argument and the plan went ahead. The battle was fought by the First US Marine Division after finally getting their opportunity to engage the Japanese. After they realized they couldn't drive the marines out with ground forces, Japan started bombing and with help from surrounding islands they gained a logical advantage over the US. The US was finally able to push the Japanese back farther and continued to push them until they were back to their starting point before the war started.

Admiral Ernest King

Fleet Admiral Ernest Joseph King was the plan coordinator for the Guadalcanal Campaign and the planner for the rest of the Solomon Island battles.

Born: November 23, 1878

Died: June 25, 1956 ( age 77)

Years of Service: 1901-1956