Help Spread Literature!


What is this movement?

This movement is revolved around the Art and Literature movement in America in the 1800's. This movement helps spread the word of American individualism. Philosophers were inspired by the rising philosophies and controversies of the time, such as transcendentalism. They developed short stories which was a new genre created by American novelists.
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Why might this be a struggle?

There are 2 main concerns for why this campaign might have some difficulties. The first reason is how even though romantic ideas and short stories influenced the minds of Americans, they would be overpowered by the ideas of the Age of Reason. The other reason this might be difficult is due to how in the era of this movement, although we are attempting with all efforts to promote individualism and nature etc., America is becoming more industrialized, which doesn't help keep our ideas simple.

What are our goals?

We are trying to be independent from the influence of European literature and art and attempting to create our own genre and category of American art and literature. We are seeking to create a true American genre of literature. We want to portray the beauty of our land and rise with new literature such as romantic novels and short stories.
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What are our tactics to succeed?

We are developing art schools, such as the Hudson River School, to influence the main themes of their paintings, to discover, explore, and settle. We need to emphasize how America is a place people can escape to and that their minds can wonder on the beauty of the United States. Painters will make art of the gentle places of the States but also of the rugged wilderness we also contain.
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What have we accomplished so far?

We have shown the truth of how America was once rugged and wild and can one day return to that. We influenced the "Mental Sciences" movement which later became known as the New Thought movements.
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Key Person

Ralph Waldo Emerson: born in 1803 in Boston, MA and became a prominent Transcendental reformist. He studied philosophy, religion and theology during his career and was important because he was one of the first reformists who wrote lectures and books. His writings were regularly in The Dial and The Western Messenger and wrote Nature, "The American Scholar" and "Address at Divinity College" in 1838
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Other movements?

Other movements we have influenced was the New Thought Movement as previously mentioned. We also influenced the "Mental Science," movement.
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3 Reasons Why You Should Donate

- Help spread literature and idea of individualism
- Develop ideas of how America is a place to escape and develop new ideas
- Spread the beauty of art and American nature
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- Donate 20 dollars or less and receive replicas of famous paintings and famous novels written by the revolutionary artists and writers
- Donate 100 dollars or more and receive a trip to be able to meet Walt Whitman and hear his contribution and spend the day with him
- Donate 500 dollars and receive credit for helping expand this revolution and meet the leaders of this movement
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How will we advertise?

We will attempt to use newspaper and have gatherings to be able to promote this movement. Have people speak out of this movement and have flyers such as this one to be able to expand our ideas. We will sponsor paintings and novels to be able to gain more money for this movement.