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Candle Excellent Ear Wax Candles

KS Candles or Kansas Candle Excellent Ear Wax Candles

Kansas Candles are organic ear candles. They are available for purchase at retail outlets. Ear candles are made to be placed in the ear. The purpose is to remove unwanted wax and debris from the ear canal. There are other brands of ear wax candles on the market however they are mostly made of paraffin with ordinary cotton wicks. Paraffin is a by-product of petroleum. This by-product can release un healthy emissions into the air. The cotton wicks are usually not made from organic cotton like that used for KS Candles. Cotton wicks not made from organic cotton can contain heavy pesticide residue which can be unhealthy.

What Is Ear Wax Candles

Kansas Candles are unique. They are offer extremely high quality in organic form. KS also know as Kansas candles are made from 100% certified organic beeswax. They cotton wicks are made from certified organic cotton. Kansas Ear Wax Candles are made from beeswax that does not introduce drugs or chemicals near the bee hives. The flying area the bees utilize is also certified organic. The cotton used for the wicks of the candles is grown without the use of chemicals, herbicides and pesticides.

Kansas Candles are shaped specifically to fit the ear canal perfectly. The perfect shape adds a level of comfort to the user. For ear wax candles to be effective they must fit snuggly into the ear canal. There should be no air escaping out from under the candle. There are other ear wax candles on the market that may be cheaper but use lesser quality ingredients and require a lot of twisting and prodding to get the candle to fit in the ear canal. Kansas Candles have conducted extensive research on the shape of the human ear. In addition they have perfected the art of ear coning. The result is an ear candle that fits snuggly and comfortably into the base of the ear while still marinating its effectiveness.

Kansas Candles have had many accolades from their customers and other industry leaders. The use of paraffin wax in other ear candle products created a bad smell. This caused some people to turn away from ear candling practice. Kansas Candles only utilizes beeswax in their candles. Beeswax is known for creating a pleasant scent whether the candles are lit or not. Ear wax candles provide a healthy method of ear wax removal. The scent of the candles is pleasant when being burnt or displayed on a table. Kansas Candles are the perfect choice for ear wax candles.

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