World War 2

The war that brought many countries all over the world in it

Start of World War 2

World War 2 started on 1939-1945. It all started when Adolf Hitler with Germany and his National Socialist(the Nazi party)had strategies to take over the world along with some other countries. Then on September 1939 , Hitler invaded Poland which drove Great Britain and France to declare war on them...then World War 2 started.
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World War 2 facts

1.Over 60 million lives were lost 2.Many military war leaders included Texans 3.Women started working in jobs men used to do before war 4.Tejanos and African Americans joined the war along with Texans 5.When the war was over African Americans and Hispanic people had determination to end discrimination .

Texas in war

When Texas joined it supplied 700,000 troops. Texas was where more than 1,500,000 personales came to train. Ways that world war 2 affected Texas was that one , women started to work in jobs that men had before going to war. It gave women a chance to show that they could work as hard and good as men could. Another reason is that Texas lost a lot of people in war and at the time they were going through the Great Depression.It also made them work harder to find more resources to make guns , bullets , and other things to send to the Texans that were fighting the war.
The Impact of World War II
Reasons i chose this topic was because wars interest me because of what happen in them , all the wars , and historic battles that happened. Also it's interesting to know all the important people that fought in the war and who survived or who died of them.

What did it do to Texas ?

When the war started and Texas got involved , it affected jobs , women got to prove they could work as good as men. Also Texas had an economic growth with more women helping and all the oil they were getting from oil plants an other things that helped them build things to help soldiers in war.
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War over

Finally when the war is over Texas united with other countries win against Germany and its allies.