Virtual School Days

What You Need To Know

Estacada School District Families,

Last year, our district rolled out a new initiative to ensure that during winter weather our district is able to continue providing your child with an education. This goal led to the creation of Virtual School Days. In the event of inclement weather, we will now have students attend school from home. Our district will provide accommodations for students that do not have internet, and have policies in place to assist students who may lose electricity during winter weather events.

Virtual School Days will be communicated to families the same way as a snow day: via phone call/text, news media, social media, and our website. The day will be communicated as a "Virtual School Day", not as a snow day.

On each Virtual School Day you will receive an email or phone call from your child's teacher(s). In order for your student to be counted as present for that day/period they must contact their teacher(s) and submit their work by the end of the next school day (48 hours excluding weekends). Work will be provided by a paper packet to students who do not have internet access prior to the Virtual School Day.

Snow is in the forecast. We look forward to providing this opportunity to prevent students from losing valuable learning time during winter weather. We thank you for your patience, partnership, and attention as we begin to work together through this new school day format.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this impact my student with a 504 or an IEP?

Teachers and learning specialists will collaborate to accommodate or modify lessons as necessary to meet students' needs.

What will 2-hour delays look like?

Two-hour delays will still occur when necessary, and a normal school day will begin two hours later.

What happens if we lose electricity and my student cannot complete their assignment and contact their teacher?

Attendance is counted if the teacher is contacted and work is completed within a 48 hour window of the Virtual School Day, to accommodate these type of events.

Why is this being implemented instead of adding days on to the end of the year?

The district is rolling out this new initiative for many reasons. Attendance during the end of the school year is lower, with seniors that have already graduated, pre-planned vacations, and more. We are enthusiastic about this opportunity to keep learning going for all students even during unpredictable weather, and will be listening to family input as we adjust our Virtual School Days to best serve our students and families.

What if we do not have internet?

Your student will be sent home with a packet and offline assignments that they can complete during the Virtual School Day. Students will have three days after returning to school to complete the assignment(s).

Even during a Virtual School Day, staff and students can get support for tech-related issues by sending an email to Get help if you can't log into a device, can't access PowerSchool, or are having trouble with applications like Google Classroom or Canvas.

Additional Questions?

Contact your building principal for details or questions surrounding what your child's Virtual School Day will look like.

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