Bradley Broadcast December 2018

"One and Only You"

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Counselor's Corner

Hello Amazing Parents! The 2018 year is almost over, and we have had such an amazing first semester of school! I am beyond proud of our Bradley Bears for working so hard in their classes and maintaining healthy friendships! We also had an excellent celebration of Generation Texas Week! Thank you parents for having your child participate in this wonderful event. It was very enlightening to listen to your child's career goals and watch them explore the different career clusters. It is important to our schools that our students understand the importance of making career choices and the impact of their education here at Bradley. Here are some fun career game and research websites that your child can play at home.

This month our character focus is "EMPATHY." Empathy is the ability to understand how someone else is feeling or to understand the situation they are in. It is the ability to “put yourself in someone else’s shoes” and to understand the way a situation might make them feel. A full definition of empathy has two parts: shared emotion and seeing someone else's point of view.

During this holiday season, our staff is truly dedicated in helping your child achieve this character trait with many frequent reminders, games, and activities.

Nominations for Gifted and Talented Testing

October 1 - Dec. 19

Nominations are now open for Conroe Independent School District Gifted and Talented program. Although the testing will not take place until late January, nominations are accepted at this time. Nominations can be made by the parents and/or teachers. If you are interested in nominating your child, you may want to discuss this with your child’s teacher. Nominations will be accepted through December 19. You may request a nomination form from the front office or the school counselor. You can also find the nomination form and other GT information on the CISD GT homepage.

Ashley Wright

Bradley Elementary

School Counselor


Welcome to the Bradley Library!

Our Scholastic book fair was a success, thank you for your purchases! Library fundraising makes it possible for us to have a campus subscription to these online resources. Students may use them at school and at home.

brades / school

Bradley Bears visit the library weekly or every other week, depending on the grade level. If you have questions about your student’s account please feel free to contact me.

Happy Reading!

Ms. Rock

News from your PTO

As 2018 quickly winds down, Bradley PTO would like to say we are grateful for the opportunity to have served our school and families this year. It was an awesome time for we look forward to creating new and exciting experiences in 2019!

Here are a few things to check off your list:

Winter Wonderland Festival is here! Fun for the entire family. Enjoy rides, shopping, games, live entertainment and more! - Saturday, December 1st 11 am - 5 pm

Spirit Night - Bring out the kiddos for a fun evening of roller skating at Sk8te Town on Rayford Road, Thursday, December 6th from 6pm - 8pm. The first 100 Bradley Bears to arrive will receive a Spirit Stick!

Spirit Day - Crust Pizza on Rayford Road will be serving up delicious hot pizza all day to Bradley Bears on Tuesday, December 13th. Remember to put your receipt in the box so Bradley will get a percentage of the sale.

Bear Cave Novelty Store will be open Friday, December 14th during lunch. Please send your students' money in a Ziploc bag marked with their name and homeroom. Items are priced .25 to $2.00.

Join us for holiday shopping fun at Kendra Scott on Market Street in the Woodlands Tuesday, December 18th from 6pm - 8 pm. Enjoy a glass of champagne & dessert while you shop! 20% of the sales goes back to Bradley. If you can't make it; no worries, just call the store at: 281-528-1174 and a sales associate will take your order. Shipping is free.

Go to to order your student's yearbook for only $30. Sales end 12/31.

Find us on Facebook at Bradley Elementary PTO for daily updates and information.

At your service,

Shawn Rouege, PTO President

C.A.M.P. Communication


Happy Holidays!

3rd & 4th Grade

In computer lab we worked on google expeditions to visit the solar system. Students had a blast looking at different planets! Currently we switched to talking about career clusters. Students were able to login to a website to investigate what career they wanted and what cluster did it fall under. Worksheets were sent home so you can join to help your child learn about the different careers. There is fun games along with it. Click the following link if worksheet was misplaced.


We have worked on a new app called Draw and Tell. Feel free to download this app at home to join the fun! You can save templates and upload them for them to draw. See below for a sneak peak of what they will be doing next week.

Enjoy playing at home and researching during the Christmas break!


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Play your way into typing with these fun and engaging typing games

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Happy Holidays Bradley Bears! We're in the final weeks of our Western Art and notices will be coming home soon for those chosen to represent Bradley and the CISD Western Art Show in January. Please don't get discouraged if your amazing art is not picked. We only get to choose 10 out of the whole school, and it's a very hard job! Some classes have been making cards and pictures for our favorite new story time friends, Ryan and Craig. They bring books to life with their funny antics! Below we have a link for a funny holiday book, but there are so many more books to discover with Ryan and Craig. We've also attached a link to fun art activities you and your Bradley Bear can do together during the holiday break. If y'all get cabin fever and need an outing, we've also attached the craft classes offered at the local Michael's. We hope these resources will keep you and your cub engaged in creative activities all winter long!

❤Mrs. Mac and Ms. Smith


Bradley Music Notes:

I am so proud of our second graders and their performance of The Day the Crayons Quit. The next grade level to perform will be Fourth Grade on March 7.

Come hear the fourth grade Honor Choir sing at one of our holiday concerts. They will sing some holiday favorites at the Winter Wonderland Festival on Saturday, Dec. 1 at 1:00 pm. Their next performance will be for family and friends on Thursday, Dec. 13 at 6:00 pm, followed by a performance for the students on Wednesday, Dec. 19 at 8:30 am.

Mrs. Flake


WOW Bradley Bears, December just sneaked on us so fast! Let's challenge ourselves and create habits for life. It may be cold outside during the month of December, but you can still be active and eat healthy by just following our Bradley calendar below. Remember that physical activity is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. Adding more activity to your daily life can be easy and fun – and now you can earn a small "Token Of Appreciation" for being active and for making healthy choices during the month of December. To earn your TOA all you need to do is document your active exercise each day or your healthy choice of the day and mark your calendar from December 1st to December 18th and bring your calendar signed by your parents to one of the PE coaches. It's rewarding to be HEALTHY!

We are doing Soccer in PE, please make sure your child is wearing their proper PE shoes.

For our 3rd and 4th graders:


In January students in grades 3-4 will be tested for the state mandated Fitnessgram test. Students should be practicing their push ups and curl ups each night. We have set a goal for each student to perform at least 12 curl ups and 12 push ups on the test! Attached is the official Fitnessgram list of exercises the student needs to practice in order to get ready for the test.

Happy Holidays Bradley Bears!

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In the Classroom


PreK Happenings:

Reading - Continue letter recognition and work on sounds the letters make. Comprehension of text read aloud and print concepts.
Math - Numbers and their quantities. Graphing and location words.
Social Studies - Family and holidays around the world.
Science - Position and motion of objects and measuring devices.


Kindergarten is so excited to celebrate the holidays! We will be learning about a variety of cultures and holiday traditions between now and winter break. We can't wait to take a deeper look into holidays around the world! We are currently working on:

-- decoding CVC words

-- teen numbers

-- forms of energy

-- cultures

-- information writing

-- writing our first and last names correctly

We will be having a winter party in our classrooms on Tuesday, December 18 at 11:30am. Teachers will be sending out SignUpGenius links soon with more information about the festivities, so be on the lookout in order to help make our parties major successes! Parents will be invited to attend our holiday parties, so mark your calendars now! In addition to our class parties, we will be celebrating the coming of winter in our classrooms on December 19 with a class pajama/movie day. Get those jammies ready!

Thank You,

Kindergarten Teachers

First grade

We have a lot of exciting things going on in the month of December!

In Reading, we will continue to grow our comprehension and critical thinking skills. We are currently learning about media literacy. Students will identify different forms of media along with different techniques used in media. Our Word Study focus this month will be digraphs (th, ch, sh, ph, wh, ck, kn, & wr). In Writing, we are learning how to write a friendly letter.

Our focus in Math will be skip-counting, numeration, and place value. Students will be able to skip-count by twos, fives, and tens up to 120. We will also focus on number sense and look at number relationships using a 120 chart.

First grade scientists will learn about weather this month. We will also review characteristics of day and night and learn more about the sun and moon.

In Social Studies, we are learning about needs and wants. We will also be learning about winter holidays. Our holiday unit will conclude with the students “traveling” around the world to other countries to experience different holiday traditions. We are getting our passports ready!

We are looking forward to a fun-filled month!

~ First Grade Teachers

Second grade

Our second graders have been working so hard and making such great progress. Even though this year is quickly coming to an end, we have a lot to learn before the December holiday. In reading, we will be focusing on traditional literature and folktales. We are becoming very familiar with R-controlled vowels and learning how to incorporate prepositions into our sentences. In writing, we will be completing our non-fiction, informational books. Students will be creating a book incorporating their knowledge of non-fiction text features and sentence structure. In math, we will be wrapping up adding and subtracting two digit numbers with and without regrouping. We will end the year learning about measurement. In science we are also ending our Energy, Force and Motion unit. Students will have fun ending the year learning and experimenting with magnets and natural and manmade resources. Social Studies will continue to be filled with knowledge about the culture and customs of upcoming holidays and celebrations. Second grade will end the year with our Holiday Party the last week of school.

We are so proud of how much our students have grown already. Thank you parents for your continued support and help to make this a great school year. We look forward to continuing our partnership to help grow your child to the best of his or her ability. From all the second grade teachers, have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year!! Cheers to a wonderful 2019!! See ya’ll next year!!

Thank You,

Second Grade Teachers

third grade

This month in Reading, we will begin a new genre, Drama. The students will learn about the conventions of Drama, as they read and perform it while continuing to practice summarizing and inferencing skills. Students will also focus on plot and character interactions.

In Writing, we will begin a new genre, Imaginative Stories. The students will use fiction writing to express an imaginative world and write stories including characters involved in a plot. We will continue our weekly mentor sentence to focus on writing conventions in order to improve our revising and editing skills.

Math/Science/Social Studies-

This month in Math we are continuing our fraction unit. We have been exploring fraction representations through area models, set model, equivalent fractions and number lines . Our third graders are thriving with their multiplication facts and we continue to add a new factor each week. We ask that you have your student continue working nightly on their facts. So far, we have learned our 0’s, 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, 5’s, 10’s and this month we will add 6’s.

In science, we will explore how the Sun, Earth, Moon and planets work together in our Solar System.

In social studies we will be delving into cultural celebrations, customs and traditions of the local community and other communities. The students will have the opportunity to experience several culture traditions through Holidays Around the World this month.

Thank You,

Third Grade Teachers

Fourth grade

What a great few weeks we have had with our fourth grade bears and we look forward to what is to come.

In reading, we will begin studying traditional literature. We will expose our readers to all sort of fables, fairy tales, tall tales, and legends. We will work to strengthen our skills with inferencing, summary, and compare and contrasting of literary elements. It important that you are continuing to spend time nightly reading with your child to help strengthen their comprehension and fluency.

During writer’s workshop, we will begin a new unit of study where will be exploring writing fiction. Your writers will delve into fiction writing head first and will be spending three weeks crafting their writing. We are excited to give our fourth graders a chance to be creative and express themselves through writing fiction stories.

In math, we will begin our geometry unit. Students will be introduced to types of lines, angles, triangles, as well as how to use a protractor to measure angles.

During science, we will continue finishing experimenting with circuits. We will then move into the water cycle and weather patterns. We hope to get into the science lab again real soon!

In social studies, we will continue to understand the causes and effects of European exploration of Texas in North America and begin to study the beginning of the Texas Revolution.

During the month of December we will be doing so many enjoyable things. We will be having a holiday party, as well as a Polar Express Day so be on the lookout for more information with specifics that will be coming home!


The Fourth Grade Teachers


School Hours

  • School Hours are 8:00 a.m.- 3:10 p.m.
  • Students are considered tardy after 8:00 a.m. and absent after 9:00 a.m., unless a doctor's note is provided when the student arrives.
  • Please call the front office if your student is going to be absent. Send in any doctor note they may have when they return to school.

All Transportation Changes

  • All changes must be made in writing, signed by a parent and dated by 2:15 p.m.
  • NO student will be released from the office after 2:35 p.m.
  • Anyone picking up a car rider that does not have a car rider sign must park and show your ID to the front office. You will then need to get back in the car rider line or wait for the line to end for your student to be released to you. This is for the the safety of your student.
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