No Teacher Left Behind

Why I feel teachers should not let themselves be left behind

Response for week 4

I think that this is not the nation’s responsibility to keep teachers informed of the current strategies and techniques; I think this is the teachers’ responsibility. The reason why I think this is because it makes sense that a teacher would have the desire to be in touch with his or her students. As technology evolves and changes, teachers should recognize this and look for ways to keep their students engaged. I don’t think that there is any certain practice or way to stay up to date other than using technology and this can and should be done on an individual basis. The standard that all teachers should meet will vary from school to school. I know that the elementary school that two of my sons attend just purchased ipads to use for learning. The teachers were trained by the school on the different options for learning. However, a school that does not have the funding for this would obviously not require a teacher to learn to use an ipad. If and when new technology is introduced, the school should give instruction, and then leave it to the teachers to explore, use, and become better at the new technological instrument. I think that teachers should be well prepared for the nets-t standards because they should know what is contained in them and strive to make and keep their own goals.

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