Rachel's Update

SWP eLearning: April 27 - May 1


Monday, April 27
  • Waiver Day
  • Meal Distribution

Tuesday, April 28

  • eLearning Day (8:10 - 2:50 office hours)
  • buildings accessible to teachers on a scheduled and limited basis (communicate with your principal!)

Wednesday, April 29

  • eLearning Day (8:10 - 2:50 office hours)
  • buildings accessible to teachers on a scheduled and limited basis (communicate with your principal!

Thursday, April 30

  • eLearning Day (8:10 - 2:50 office hours)
  • Meal Distribution

Friday, May 1

  • Waiver Day

Google Meet Support Sessions - If you'd like to connect live online for help with something, to try out Google Meet before you give it a go with students, or just to chat - send me a date and time that works for you and I'll make it happen! Sunday Mornings and Wednesday evenings are generally the only times I won't be able to accommodate.

Next Week

Next week is our 4 day week with eLearning lessons Tuesday-Friday. Don't forget to plan accordingly. I encourage you to do something extra fun and a bit different with this extra day, as I'm sure it will be a struggle for many to add one more.
Big picture

We're in this together.

Did you know this begins our 6th week of eLearning? I've heard some great stories of things that have gone really well and I've heard some concerns and frustrations. Let's talk. Let's collaborate so we can endure... no, thrive in these this last month. Share what has gone well to help encourage others and give some fresh ideas. Share your concerns so we can work together to do the best we can under these circumstances. Share what you'd like to do that you're not sure how to do so we can help each other try new things.

Oh... and to encourage you to put yourself out there, each named post or reply (make sure you sign in) will earn you an entry in my Amazon Gift Card giveaway!

Updated Guides

I've improved the Video & Audio Recordings Guide with some additional information that might help you choose the best tool for your purposes, made updates to each of the individual mini-courses within it, and provided some additional information about uploading to YouTube. I'll continue to add to these resources as time goes on, so revisit them if you're stuck on anything and please never hesitate to reach out to me as well - that's how I know best what you need to know!

How Can I Help?

Supporting you during this crazy and unprecedented time is important to me, so I am trying to make myself as available as possible. Here are a few of the ways you can reach out to me for answers to your questions, suggestions, demonstrations, etc.

  • On eLearning days: You can expect a very quick (sometimes immediate) reply from me by email just like you are on-call for your students.
  • On non-learning days: I will be checking my email once every few hours and will respond to all emails at those times.
  • Practice Sessions:
    • Want to try Google Meet, but not sure you're ready to launch a session with students yet? Practice with me! Just shoot me a date, time and your meeting code. I'll be there and help make sure you know how to use the tool according to our guidelines. (Remember, Google Meet is completely optional. You don't have to use it at all.)
    • I can also do practice sessions of other tools with you or test out something in your eLearning lesson for you to make sure it's working properly before you send it out.

PD Collection

Here's the start of a better all-in-one collection of PD resources you've seen from me. I'll continue to add old and new courses and tutorials to this page.