Research Essay Assignment

Mr. Tolleson's AP Literature and Composition Class

The Assignment

Analyze your novel or play according one of the "literary lenses" listed in your packet.

Print Materials

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Literature Criticisms Online

You can access any of the databases listed below to locate literature criticisms.

To access databases at home, log in to Mackin Via with the username and password provided by your librarian.


  1. Go to the Gale database.
  2. Click "Literature Resource Center"
  3. Uncheck all boxes except "Literature Criticism"
  4. Type in your search terms (author, title of piece of literature)
  5. Click "search".


  1. Go to the Ebsco database.
  2. Click "Student Research Center"
  3. Click "Advanced Search"
  4. Type in the title in quotes and choose "all text" the right in the drop down.
  5. Type in "literary criticism" and choose "subject" to the right in the drop down.
  6. For best results, click "full text" and "peer reviewed" in all of the database specs.
  7. Click "search".


  1. Go to the ProQuest database.
  2. Click "Literature" (picture of the open books)
  3. Click "Advanced Search" (above search bar)
  4. Type in the title in quotes. Keep "all fields + text" in dropdown to the right.
  5. Type "literary criticism" in the second field. Choose "Subject heading (all)" in the dropdown menu next to it.
  6. For best results click "full text" and "peer reviewed" under the search bar.
  7. Click "scholarly journals" under source type.
  8. Click "search".

If you still can't find one, try Google Scholar

  1. Go to Google Scholar
  2. Type in the title of your piece of literature in quotation marks, the name of the author in quotation marks, and literary criticism in quotation marks
  3. Click enter on your keyboard.

*If you get too many results, you can try doing an advanced search (down arrow in the search bar).

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