What's Up At OES

October 2014 Edition

first day of school

So school started and you’re in a new grade! We are happy to see the new kids that moved here this summer. We are happy to see new teachers and our old friends from last year. You learn new stuff in new classes. It may be easy, it may be hard, but at the end of the year you will be graduating from this grade so good luck, be prepared, study for tests, get your homework done and BE GOOD TO THE TEACHERS!!!

by: Katie Meitl and Hanna Quintana


Wagner is a dog that says something every day. He appears every day with something new to say. Mrs. Tally posts sayings outside her door. She usually asks us what Wagner said towards the end of class and if we get it right we get a choice of a candy, talent show certificate, or a toy. Whatever he says it’s usually what we are going to do that day in music class. He usually makes jokes that are funny!

By: Gracie, Alana, Kenzie

William Allen White Book Awards

The 2014-2015 William Allen White Book Awards includes 19 total books and 2 different lists of books. The 6th through 8th grade has a total of 11 books and the 3rd through 5th graders have a total of 9 books. This award began in 1952 to honor William Allen White. Kansas kids who read 3 books get to vote in the spring for their favorite book. The winner will be announced at the end of the school year. This book award introduces kids to quality books.

BY: Spencer, John, and Hunter

Getting to know your band teacher

Have you ever met our new band teacher Mr. Vinson?

We want you to know somethings about Mr. Vinson. So we asked him a few questions.

His band directors when he was a student got him interested in band. He has been a substitute teacher in Hutchinson for 2 years. The first instrument he played was a saxophone. He learned to play other instruments in college. He came to Oberlin to teach because of our music teachers' reputations.

by: Lily H, Jenavive Z, Melody K

Where Is The Red Hen Project?

Do remember that wheat we planted last year? Aren’t you the least bit curious where that wheat we students planted is? We’re curious to know when we will get it back. The Red Hen project was when all the students of OES helped plant wheat. When it was ready to be harvested they said this year they would make that wheat into bread. I’m sorry to say this, but the wheat crop failed. The people that were hosting the Red Hen project are going to get some more wheat from another town. During the year we’ll have a wheat day when all the students of OES will participate in activities concerning wheat. There will be a treat on that day. The plans aren’t finished yet. Check back soon for more information about the Red Hen project.

By: Calista and Jenna

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Featured Teacher

Mrs. Tacha is a name most of us know. Some of us even had her in second grade! Here are some facts about her that most of us probably didn’t know. She has been teaching at OES for 38 years, which is also how long she has collected her fabulous jean dresses. I was surprised when I found out that she has been teaching for 41 years.

Last year as most of us know she taught first grade. She told me that at first she was scared. She said it turned out to be a wonderful year. She said the best part was that she got to teach some of them again this year.

Mrs. Tacha’s first pet was a Doberman pincher his name was Trapper. She has a pittbull lab cross and his name is Shadow. His fur is a deep dark black color.

Mrs. Tacha lives on a farm. She takes care of cows and calves. She also harvests wheat and alfalfa.

She loves to read about pioneers. Her favorite teacher was Mr. Lesser. He was also their principle. She is a huge Kansas City Chiefs fan. Her favorite authors are Beverly Cleary and Barbra Parks. She loves all subjects.

By: KeLynn Jacobs and Sarah Abernathy

Mrs. Howard

Guess what? There is a new teacher in 1st grade! She is really nice and her kids love her. Her name is Mrs. Howard. She has 15 students in her class.

She is from Herrington, Kansas. Her hobbies are cooking, baking, and reading.

By Gage and Emma