Team Challenge!

Team match up contest!

How it will work...

Sweet Bees you always know how to step up to a challenge, so here is one for you! I will give you an opportunity this week to be matched up in groups for a little friendly competition! Our Top 5 team members will be broken up into pairs of two and grouped with 3 new team members who would like to have some extra mentoring! Then you will have a team and the contest will begin! We will do it quick, so there will be a few ways to get points>> Make a sale (Get 5 points for your team for each $50 sold) or Book a Pop Up at least 5 days out so you have time to plan and make it successful ( 2 points for each pop up planned 5 days out) You can also grab 10 extra bonus points by have a $500 pop up during the contest. In addition to the points you earn for your sales, if your pop up hits $500 you will get an extra 10 points. Grab extra points for your team by posting on our team page! If each team member makes a post or posts a pic or an inspirational quote your team can earn 5 extra points. Your team's job is to connect, inspire, and have FUN!!!
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Be a part of it!

Everyone who wants to be a part of the Match Up contest (Which should be EVERYONE! Hello Super Fun Way to CONNECT with YOUR TEAM :) Send me a text ASAP, so I can get you matched up!

Our time at SOAR was amazing and so inspirational! Two of my biggest take aways (there were about a million), were that here at Chloe and Isabel we have a community like no where else! We truly believe in each other and are here to lift each other up! And the second thing is that obstacles are there to be overcome. They are an opportunity to think outside the box and come up with a solution you didn't even know you were capable of realizing. So when you come to a bump in the road or you hit a slow season in your business really dig down and look for ways to do things differently or look for ways to get back on track. Sometimes obstacles are just exactly what we need to take us to the next level!!

I can not wait to hear from you!!

xoxo Janet Bromagen